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Turkiye Introduces New Touristic Train Routes

Turkiye introduces two new touristic train routes that are great for anyone interested in seeing more of the country’s cultural and historical sites.

These new routes, from Ankara to Diyarbakır and from Ankara to Tatvan, are designed to help travelers easily visit and enjoy different regions.

These trains were introduced because many people enjoy traveling by train to visit new places in Turkiye. The new routes aim to support Turkish tourism and help local areas by bringing more visitors. Each train can carry 180 passengers and has both sleeping and dining cars, making the journey comfortable and enjoyable.

The Ankara to Diyarbakır train and the Ankara to Tatvan train have stops at several cultural sites along their routes. For example, on the route to Diyarbakır, the train stops in Malatya, Yolçatı, and Kayseri. Each stop allows travelers to get off the train and spend a few hours exploring these places. The stops are chosen so travelers can see important and interesting cultural and historical sites.

Not only do these train routes offer a comfortable way to travel, they also help local economies. By bringing tourists to smaller towns and cities, the trains help more people learn about these places and spend money there, which is good for local businesses. See the most popular train routes in Turkiye.

The introduction of these train routes is part of a larger effort to improve transportation in Turkiye and make it easier for people to travel within the country. The goal is to make traveling by train a good option for both short trips and longer journeys that include overnight stays.

For those who love to explore new places and enjoy learning about history and culture, these new train routes offer a unique way to see Turkiye. For instance, Turkiye’s Touristic Eastern Express operating on the Ankara-Kars route is listed among the top four most beautiful train routes in the world.

The trains are comfortable, the journeys are filled with interesting stops, and the entire experience is designed to be enjoyable and educational. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or someone looking to try something new, these train routes are worth considering for your next adventure.

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