How to Plan the Perfect Solo Vacation

Stockholm for perfect solo vacation

Traveling by yourself is an amazing experience that everyone should have. But before you jump on a plane with your passport in hand, take some time to properly prepare.

The coronavirus pandemic might throw a wrench in your immediate travel plans, but it doesn’t mean you can’t dream up your next trip and start making travel preparations for the post-pandemic future. We’ve gathered some tips below so you can learn how to travel by yourself successfully.

Figure out what solo-friendly destination you want to visit

Although traveling with a friend or loved one is fun, traveling by yourself is a completely different experience. You might find it easier to make friends along the way and learn more about yourself, too. With that said, there are some global destinations known for being friendly to solo adventurers. Here are a few ideas if you don’t know where to visit:



  • Costa Rica: Take a horseback ride on the beach, mountain bike around the beautiful, lush landscapes, or zipline your way through jungles.
  • Belfast, Ireland: Find friends at iconic bars like The Spaniard or check out one of the many boutique hotels that offer comfort at surprisingly reasonable prices.
  • Stockholm, Sweden: You can get around Stockholm easily as a solo traveler. Go on a Vespa tour or get a little culture in at the Moderna Museet.
  • Canada: For outdoor adventurers, check out Banff National Park and enjoy legendary scenic views. Or, step into modern cities like Montreal for a taste of French-Canadian culture.
  • Thailand: From jungles to pristine beaches, Thailand has everything. Check out a night market and try out some of the famed street food offerings.
  • Austin, Texas: Austin is a culturally rich hotspot in the lone-star state known for its vibrancy, unique restaurants, bars, and fun-loving vibe.

Bring items to relax

Traveling by yourself is fun but it can also be very stressful since you’re on your own. If you already own a vape pen, we like to recommend CBD vape juice to help ease your worries. CBD can help clear your mind and make you feel calmer during those moments of travel panic.

Buy travel insurance

Travel insurance is a must in the age of COVID-19. It can help you recoup any costs caused by travel cancellations and other unforeseen mishaps.


Bring the right carry-on items

A carry-on bag should be full of only the essentials. In case your luggage gets lost, make sure that you bring any prescription medications, a change of clothing, toiletries, and other small necessities you may need.

Avoid common traveling mistakes

It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re traveling alone. Don’t be lured by incredibly cheap flights, for example. A flight might be cheap, but that usually means the airline is going to saddle you with tons of hidden costs and fees.

Another similar tip is avoiding super cheap hotels. Sure, you don’t have to spend a fortune for accommodations, but it’s incredibly important to ensure that your hotel has everything you need to actually get a good night’s sleep. After all, you want to be able to have adequate energy for your explorations!

Consider traveling during the off-season

If you want to go to a popular tourist destination, it’s worthwhile to consider traveling during the off-season. Not only will doing so save you lots of money, but it also means that local attractions will be considerably less crowded. Off-season travel can make your solo trip more enjoyable. Use travel websites to figure out when the peak and off-peak seasons are so you can make plans accordingly.

Traveling Solo: Take it One Step at a Time

If you’ve never traveled solo before, it can be an intimidating prospect. However, you don’t need to be overwhelmed by it! Your first step should be choosing a location you’ve always wanted to visit but have never gotten the chance to actually go. Then, start making preparations and doing research on the destination so you can make up an informal itinerary. Make sure that you buy travel insurance to prepare for any worst-case-scenarios like flight cancellations and other issues. Finally, pack minimally and choose flights that won’t be filled with hidden fees.  With these tips, you can ensure that your solo adventure is a total success.


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