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The best Bingo venues around the world

best Bingo venues around the world

Bingo is a well-loved casino game played around the world, although you may just be used to playing at your local casino venue.

If you want to broaden your horizons and become familiar with some other destinations to play at, this guide will show you just that!

Carry on reading to find some of the best places to play Bingo around the world, so you can potentially try them out for yourself, or you might decide to stick to a game of Bingo online



Red Rock Casino, Las Vegas

Of course, we have to begin with the casino gaming ‘Sin City’ itself, where you can head to the Red Rock Casino and try your chances in the glitz and glamour.

It’s a classy and luxurious establishment in the heart of Las Vegas, whilst having one of the most impressive Bingo halls ever!



The hall can seat up to 6,000 people and is made even better with the addition of large plasma TVs to create an even more welcoming environment for players around the world.

Drive-in, Lidköping

Rather than a traditional Bingo hall, this Swedish destination has found a way to incorporate an extra element to bring the game to a new level.

It has included a modern spin, where the game is played at a drive-in – players will sit in their cars, and view a screen where numbers are shown.

This is paired with a loudspeaker, so all numbers can be heard and crossed off accurately.

What makes this even better, is that the area you play in is the Swedish countryside, so you can enjoy the beautiful views too!

Will you be trying this gaming style anytime soon?

Sibayo Casino and Entertainment Kingdom, Durban

Heading to South Africa, this venue is a high-class casino set on the hills of Kwazulu-Natal, so of course you’ll be able to see some stunning views!

Bingo isn’t played every day – only on Wednesdays – but in the meantime, you can enjoy some other casino games! So, why not find another chance-based game you might love?

Oneida Indian Bingo, New York

At the Turning Stone Casino and Resort – known for its beautiful décor – the Bingo hall here is ranked the third best in the world.

With plenty of seats ready for guests to play, you’ll notice the luxurious settings as soon as you enter – but this isn’t all…

The casino has lots of other games to offer, food options and there’s even a golf course to practice your swing!

Merkur Bingo, Cricklewood

This UK Bingo venue is one of the largest in Europe, being able to seat around 2,700 - and the atmosphere here adds to an enjoyable gaming experience.

Not only this, but the venue holds the Guinness World Record for paying out the biggest single Bingo reward - £100,000!

So, if you ever plan on visiting London, this place will be one to look out for!


With so many amazing venues to play one of the most popular chance-based games, in what part of the world will you be shouting “Bingo”?


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