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Bardo Museum in Tunisia Welcomes Visitors After Comprehensive Restoration

Bardo mosaic museum Tunis

Tunisia's Bardo Museum, one of the world's most significant mosaic museums, reopened its doors after a two-year hiatus.

During a press briefing on the museum's reopening, Bardo Museum Director, Fatma Ayet Iygil, stated that the "maintenance and restoration of the historical collections and monument" within the museum have been completed.

Iygil emphasized that the restoration efforts also encompassed the museum building itself. She highlighted that visitors are drawn to the Bardo Museum not only for its archaeological collections but also due to its Andalusian and Italian Mediterranean architectural character.



The museum's closure in July 2021 coincided with the extraordinary decisions taken by Tunisian President Kays Said, which led to the suspension of the Parliament's operations. The Bardo Museum, adjacent to the Parliament building, was simultaneously shut down and underwent restoration.

On September 11, the Tunisian Ministry of Culture announced that the Bardo Museum would welcome visitors again starting September 14. The statement also noted that visitors would have the opportunity to explore new spaces within the museum, view art pieces being exhibited for the first time, and admire restored marble statues and mosaic panels.



Founded in 1888, the museum, home to numerous Roman mosaics dating back to the second century BC, attracts tourists and scholars alike. Situated in Tunis's Bardo district, the museum faced a tragic extremist attack in 2015, resulting in the death of over 20 tourists and security personnel. (AA)

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