Airbnb’s Business Travel program enjoys 700 percent growth

Airbnb, which has launched its Business Travel program in July 2014, has experienced 700 percent growth. More than 250 companies have joined Airbnb’s Business Travel program, including Google, TBWA, Twilio, and SoundCloud. As the program celebrates its first year, Airbnb announced global expansion of the program with the launch of a new product suite aimed at making Airbnb easier to use for companies.

Now, companies around the world can swiftly sign in to Airbnb and have access to a range of features to support business trips. The suite of tools provides visibility into employee travel itineraries booked through Airbnb, financial reporting data, and central billing to improve the business travel experience for travelers and travel managers.

Airbnb Business Travel helps companies of all sizes cater to the diverse travel needs of their employees. The free dashboard can be up and running in a matter of minutes and employees can opt in to book Airbnb’s and expense them directly back to the business. The streamlined and integrated payment system allows small businesses in particular a way to offer a wider array of accommodations for their employees’ business travel and receive reporting on employee spend.

The Product is comprised of three components — the Activity Tab, the Reporting Tab, and the Employees Tab — as well as central billing and financial reporting data to help serve travel managers with:

Activity Tab

Cataloging current and upcoming employee trips, including trip dates, location, date booked, trip status, number of people in each party, and an interactive map.

Reporting Tab

Collecting and managing booking reports for the entire organization.

Exporting financial data and reports.

Employees Tab

Managing approved and pending employees who have been permitted to book business travel using Airbnb.

Companies that sign up for Airbnb’s Business Travel program between now and September 1, 2015 will be eligible for a special promotion. Business travelers at enrolled companies will receive $50 in Airbnb credit to use towards their first corporate travel booking.

To find out more about Business Travel on Airbnb, please refer to the program website:

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