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Best cities for millennials in 2018

This news is important for millennials who dream to live in another city. A new study reveals the top 110 cities for millennials in 2018, based on factors such as startup ecosystem, housing affordability, immigration tolerance and quality of nightlife.

With years of experience helping individuals of all ages find accommodation, furnished apartment search engine, Nestpick revealed the most popular cities. Nestpick conducted this study, for the second year in a row, in order to pinpoint which cities are successfully attracting this generation, and therefore a core future workforce.

While housing affordability is a major concern for most, it is even more so for young professionals at the start of their careers. With these interests in mind, 110 cities were analysed taking into consideration four main areas of concern; the business ecosystem, the essentials (housing, food etc.), openness, and recreation.

“Millennials grew up in a shrinking world, where the internet opened doors their parents never could have dreamed of, and budget airlines made those avenues real possibilities. It’s now possible to live and work anywhere in the world, and these opportunities are shaping how our planet will look to future generations.” says Ömer Kücükdere, Managing Director of Nestpick. “We must learn to adapt to the needs of younger people in order to have a thriving economy, and we believe that this ranking offers valuable insights to those cities looking for regeneration from a younger demographic.”

The Top 20 Cities for Millennials


#CityCountryBusiness EcosystemThe EssentialsOpennessRecreationTotal Score
3LondonUnited Kingdom8.
8New York CityUSA8.
10ManchesterUnited Kingdom5.
12BristolUnited Kingdom5.
13San FranciscoUSA8.
19GlasgowUnited Kingdom5.

N.B. These are a sample of the full results, which can be seen here:

These final results reveal the best overall cities for millennials, based on all four factors, but by looking at the top ten cities for each individual category, the results indicate which location would be best for a young person based on their strongest concerns.

Istanbul, Turkey placed at #85 in the overall ranking. To reveal how the city performed for each factor in comparison to the other cities in the index, each individual criteria is ranked from 1-110, with 1 indicating that it is the best overall:

Rankings for Istanbul, Turkey, #85 WorldwideBusiness Ecosystem
Employment ScoreStartup ScoreTourism Score
The Essentials
Housing ScoreFood ScoreTransport ScoreHealth ScoreInternet Speed ScoreUniversity ScoreAccess to Contraception Score
Nightlife ScoreBeer RankingFestival RankingGender Equality ScoreImmigration TolerancePersonal Freedom and ChoiceLGBT Friendly Score

N.B. The full methodology explaining how each factor was researched can be found at the bottom of the press release.

The tables below reveal the top 10 cities for millennials based on each larger category:


Top 10 Cities for Business Ecosystem Top 10 Cities for The Essentials
#CityCountry #CityCountry
1San FranciscoUSA 1SeoulSouth Korea
2New York CityUSA 2TaipeiTaiwan
3Kuala LumpurMalaysia 3BangkokThailand
4MiamiUSA 4BrnoCzech Republic
5Los AngelesUSA 5BucharestRomania
6SeattleUSA 6PragueCzech Republic
7BeijingChina 7PortoPortugal
8LondonUnited Kingdom 8Mexico CityMexico
9PortlandUSA 9BudapestHungary
10AustinUSA 10GuadalajaraMexico

Top 10 Cities for Openness


Top 10 Cities for Recreation

#CityCountry #CityCountry
1HelsinkiFinland 1Buenos AiresArgentina
2TorontoCanada 2BerlinGermany
3VancouverCanada 3BarcelonaSpain
4LondonUnited Kingdom 4CologneGermany
5OsloNorway 5AmsterdamNetherlands
6CopenhagenDenmark 6MontréalCanada
7MontréalCanada 7HamburgGermany
8AmsterdamNetherlands 8BogotáColombia
9ManchesterUnited Kingdom 9BangkokThailand
10StockholmSweden 10Rio de JaneiroBrazil


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