Chatrium Hotels and Residences New Normal

Chatrium Hospitality Enhanced Core Hygiene Standards

Chatrium Hotels and Residences collaborates with hygiene experts and strictly following local and global authorities including the World Health Organisation (WHO) to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for its returning guests and staff.

Through collaboration with Ecolab, the hospitality company enhances its core hygiene standards by implementing the “Hygiene & Infection Protocol.” The implementation and results will be closely monitored by senior management.

To ensure guests have good night’s sleep:

  • The bed linen and laundry are washed at a high temperature with Oxy Brite. Once washed and dried, the laundry experts use UV light to sterilize the clean laundry overnight. The laundry trolleys are also sanitized after every use to prevent cross contamination during delivery.

The restaurants, bars, fitness centres and in-house activities operate following:

  • Social distancing guidelines. Fitness centres and in-house activities will operate at a limited capacity, providing a comfortable space for each guest. All buffets will be replaced with an a la carte buffet service while maintaining an extensive selection.
  • Guest seating at restaurants, bars, meeting rooms and banquets are required to have a minimum of 1.5 m between each seated group of guests traveling together. All equipment, tables and chairs are cleaned before and after usage.
  • Chatrium’s certified food suppliers are regularly inspected by the head chefs to ensure food is safely sourced, processed and delivered. Since COVID-19, our team has included an extra inspection to ensure the suppliers are knowledgeable and equipped for the ‘new normal’.
  • The food handlers are certified by ServSafe food and alcohol training program. The program is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Conference for Food Protection (CFP) and is a HACAP certified operation.

Additionally, Chatrium’s employees are required to follow strict personal hygiene procedures:

  • Daily temperature checks, wearing the correct PPE gear, routine hand washing and disinfecting of workstations. All equipment, including phones and keys, are disinfected at the start and end of each shift or when transferred between staff.
  • The properties are internally audited by the corporate Quality Assurance division and externally audit by Ecolab, a Fortune 500 company specialising in hygiene in the hospitality field. These audits are then comprehensively reviewed by Chatrium’s senior management to ensure stringent standards are maintained.

Book with confidence

Given the exceptional circumstances we currently face, the company is offering extra flexibility and support for all new bookings made directly with Chatrium, and you can book with absolute confidence that your stay at Chatrium will be a remarkable one.

At Chatrium your health and safety comes first. As Mr. Rene Balmer, Group General Manager, says, “Your well-being and that of our team members is our number one priority. With all the systems we have in place our employees and guests are assured of a safe visit where you can truly Feel The Remarkable!”

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