China’s Hotel Construction Pipeline Closes 2021 at New Record High

As seen in the Q4 2021 China Construction Pipeline Trend Report from Lodging Econometrics (LE), China’s total hotel construction pipeline at the end of the fourth quarter stands at 3,693 projects/700,567 rooms, up 9% by projects and rooms year-over-year (YOY).

Despite the country’s COVID-19 travel restrictions for international visitors, hotel construction and development in China continued to thrive throughout 2021. At year-end, both projects and rooms in the construction pipeline are at new all-time highs, marking the highest totals the country has ever seen.

Projects presently under construction in China are at 2,574 projects/466,148 rooms, an increase of 12% by projects and 13% by rooms YOY. Projects scheduled to start construction in the next 12 months stand at 503 projects/95,057 rooms and, at the end of the quarter, projects in the early planning stage stand at 616 projects/139,362 rooms, up 40% by projects and 28% by rooms YOY. Projects under construction and those in early planning are both at record high counts.

Chengdu leads China’s hotel construction pipeline with an all-time high of 144 projects/29,485 rooms. Next is Shanghai at 127 projects/24,279 rooms, followed by Guangzhou with 119 projects/24,601 rooms, then Hangzhou with 98 projects/20,906 rooms and, Xi’an with 94 projects/16,932 rooms.

Franchise companies topping China’s construction pipeline at Q4 ‘21 are Hilton Worldwide with 661 projects/122,650 rooms. Following Hilton are InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) with 429 projects/88,486 rooms and Marriott International, setting record high project counts, with 397 projects/105,893 rooms. Next is Accor with 193 projects/35,463 rooms and JinJiang Holdings with 190 projects/18,789 rooms.

Leading brands for each of the franchise companies, at the end of 2021, are Hilton’s Hampton by Hilton brand with 356 projects/53,724 rooms and its Hilton Garden Inn brand with a record high of 91 projects/18,406 rooms. IHG’s leading brand is Holiday Inn Express with 197 projects/32,807 rooms and then Holiday Inn at 70 projects/16,994 rooms. Marriott International’s top brands are its Four Points Hotel, with a record number of projects and rooms, at 67 projects/18,212 rooms and, Marriott Hotel with 63 projects/18,909 rooms. Accor’s leading brands are the Ibis brands with 59 projects/6,223 rooms and Mercure Hotel with 51 projects/8,450 rooms. Leading brands for JinJiang Holdings are 7 Days Inn with 95 projects/7,450 rooms followed by Vienna Hotel with 39 projects/4,022 rooms.

Throughout 2021, China opened a total of 566 new hotels with 96,472 rooms. In Q4 ‘21, China saw 98 new hotels accounting for 21,378 rooms open. LE is forecasting another 936 projects/142,913 rooms to open in 2022 and 932 projects/154,510 rooms to open in 2023.

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