Dedeman appointed new CEO

Dedeman Hotels Announces Major Expansion and Leadership Changes

Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International, with a history spanning 58 years, has announced the beginning of a new phase of expansion and change at a press conference.

This event also marked the first public appearance of Ergün Demiray, the new Chairman of the Board of Directors for Dedeman Tourism Management, where he shared details about the ongoing processes.

At the press conference held at Dedeman Istanbul, Banu Dedeman, a partner of Dedeman Holding, revealed that a significant management change, a crucial part of the new era strategy, has been made.

Ergün Demiray, one of the industry’s seasoned professionals, has been appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International.

Banu Dedeman stated that she and her brother, Rıfat Dedeman, would now serve as board members. “Under the leadership of Ergün Demiray, the Dedeman brand will continue to serve. My son, Murat Özmestçi, will act as the Vice Chairman of the Board. I am confident that these two individuals will achieve great success,” she said.

Ergün Demiray, taking over the chairmanship from Banu Dedeman, emphasized that the Dedeman brand is among Turkey’s most important brands. He highlighted that the projects initiated in 2024 would lead to exemplary growth and change. “Currently, we operate with a total of 9 main brands, 29 hotels open for service, and 24 signed projects, making up a total of 53 hotels, serving with approximately 1700 employees.

By the end of 2025, we aim to increase the number of hotels open for service and those in the signing stage to 100 and expand our service to 10 countries. Our end-of-year goal is to host 2.5 million guests with the addition of new hotels to our brand,” Demiray shared.

“Our goal is to be everyone’s Dedeman…” Ergün Demiray continued, “We have 9 brands that cater to different categories and needs, but all promise a highly positive experience for guests. The Dedeman brand guarantees a structure where investors can confidently hand over their projects, employees work in peace and pleasure, and guests experience ultimate comfort and positive experiences. As Turkey’s largest domestic hotel brand, we aim to be present wherever Turkish Airlines flies, progressing with a vision that accommodates investment offers from all over Turkey and the world.

“We started 2024 with the opening of 2 hotels and the signing of 6 new projects,” stated Ergün Demiray, highlighting a fast start to the growth strategy for 2024.

“We opened our Almaty and Karabük hotels at the beginning of the year. In January, we signed our Sapanca hotel, and at the beginning of February, we signed our Çanakkale and Istranca (Kırklareli) hotels. On February 15th, we said ‘three signatures in one day’; signing franchise agreements for Baku, Batman, and Kemer.

Park Dedeman Baku is particularly important as our fourth hotel abroad. The Mesopotamia Managed by Dedeman in Batman will be our third hotel under the ‘Managed by Dedeman’ brand. With Dedeman Kemer Resort, we will fly our flag in Antalya again.”

Dedeman Loyal Club is an experience program,” Demiray highlighted, indicating that campaigns offering significant privileges for everyone as a brand have been prepared. “We are taking Dedeman Loyal Club beyond a loyalty program. We aim to create an ecosystem where our guests are proud to be members, offering continuously renewed and unique opportunities. For stays, starting from March 1, 2024, we will apply a 25% discount for Public Employees and Journalists who are members of the Loyal Club, free for ages 0-12, a 30% discount for the 12-20 age group, and a 20% discount for the 20-30 age group.”

“Dedeman Academy Will Add Value to the Tourism Sector,” said Ergün Demiray, discussing new era projects including Dedeman Academy. “The Dedeman Academy project, launched for talented and eager employees adhering to brand values, will directly solve the sector’s need for qualified personnel. We will offer special training and career opportunities to young people interested in the sector. We will also open new doors for young talents with networking, internships, and job opportunities. Dedeman Academy will add value to the tourism sector.”

“We Will Carry the Dedeman Brand into the Future,” said Murat Özmestçi, the fourth-generation representative of the Dedeman family and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International. “I am incredibly proud to be part of the management of the Dedeman brand. Continuing the principles and vision passed down by our founder, my great-grandfather Mehmet Kemal Dedeman, and my grandfather Murat Dedeman, as the fourth generation, is one of my greatest responsibilities. Our goal is to encompass more people with different expectations and dreams, especially aiming to be the Dedeman for young people and children. We aim to transmit the experiences we offer through different brands and concepts. At this point, we want to enhance our communication with children and youth. They will grow us and carry us into the future. I will work to advance the Dedeman brand, a significant value for our country brought to this day by my elders, further.”

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