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How to Prepare for a Hotel & Casino Stay Anywhere in the World

The hotel and casino resort angle continues to prove popular around the world and, importantly, is a theme often chosen for major new builds.

Including a casino within the site’s walls offers another line of income, convenient entertainment for guests, and adds more reason for people to visit who aren’t guests.

However, those who don’t know much about the casino gaming scene may find attending a venue somewhat daunting.

Casinos may have been around for decades, and the games of chance may be easy to grasp once you get started, but casinos have had a distinct image created, mostly by the movies. Many who haven’t been to a casino may expect distinct opulence that not everyone’s allowed to experience or even complicated games that require the best of minds to win.

To help anyone who finds themselves wanting to book a hotel and casino, and then do some gaming, here are some tips for preparing for the evening.

Most people worry about the casino dress code

Again, movies have made casinos, in general, seem like lavish venues that you need to be suited and booted to attend. This isn’t the case most of the time – especially in the most famous gambling city in the world. In Las Vegas, the daytime dress code permits shorts, jeans, blouses, and t-shirts. In the evening, however, shorts and flip-flops aren’t allowed, but suits, jackets, buttoned shirts, non-torn jeans, skirts, dresses, and blouses are all viable choices.

The key is to do your research before you travel so that you know if your particular casino expects a higher class of dress code. Most casinos within hotels have the same rules as the Las Vegas ones above, with a preference for more formal attire in the evening. Semiformal or smart-casual tends to be the choice, but it’s always best to check the website or contact customer service to get a certain answer.

Get to grips with the games you want to play beforehand


Of course, you’ll be going into the casino to bet on the games. However, most casinos are loaded with hundreds of options, all of which aim to draw your attention. So, it’s best to decide what games you want to play and if you have a variant preference – such as American, French, or European roulette – before you suit up and buy your chips.

Having a game plan is always the best way to go, from bankroll to game strategy. On the latter, you can choose the best roulette strategy before you’re at the table. The first strategy is to pick a table with a low house edge, which counts out American roulette and its double-zero pocket. Next, it’s all about bankroll management and using a system that you can remember and will stick to.

At the end of the night, you’ll want to come away with something for your time. While this isn’t guaranteed in games of chance, a good and simple way to approach casino play is to have an exact sum that you want to play with, change it all to chips right away, keep it all in one pocket, and then put all winnings into another. Once the bankroll pocket is empty, that’s the end of the play, and you get to leave with whatever winnings you’ve kept.

Before you book at a hotel and casino venue, be sure to check ahead of your travel what clothes you need to bring for the night, research and plan strategies for games that you know will be there, and manage your bankroll appropriately.

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