HUALUXE Hotels and Resorts Partners with Actor Jingting Bai

HUALUXE Hotels and Resorts Partners with Actor Jingting Bai to Embrace Chinese Aesthetics

HUALUXE Hotels and Resorts, a member of IHG Hotels & Resorts, has recently announced its partnership with actor Jingting Bai as the brand ambassador.

The collaboration aims to convey the elegance and charm of Chinese aesthetics and culture through HUALUXE hotels. Alongside this announcement, HUALUXE is launching its ‘Eight refined cultural activities,’ further expanding its iconic ‘HUALUXE Gathering’ concept. These initiatives transform the hotels into platforms for cultural immersion and exchange, offering guests a unique and enriching experience.

Florence Hu, Chief Marketing Officer, IHG Greater China, expressed the brand’s commitment to the Chinese market and the far-sighted decisions made for HUALUXE. As a premium hotel brand tailored for Chinese guests, HUALUXE Hotels and Resorts consistently creates a unique stay experience that embodies Chinese cultural heritage. Hu also emphasized the alignment between Jingting Bai’s gentle and elegant demeanor and the essence of the HUALUXE brand. Together, they aim to showcase the charm of Chinese culture and bring HUALUXE’s Chinese aesthetics to a new generation of travelers.

Jingting Bai, the brand ambassador of HUALUXE Hotels and Resorts, expressed his enthusiasm for the role. He highlighted how the essence of Chinese culture permeates every aspect of HUALUXE Hotels, from dining experiences to seasonal transitions. Jingting Bai invites guests to immerse themselves in the timeless beauty of Chinese aesthetics at HUALUXE.

Embracing Chinese Aesthetics at HUALUXE

Since its establishment in 2012, HUALUXE has been dedicated to providing guests with a premium hotel experience infused with Chinese cultural characteristics. The brand integrates Chinese aesthetics into daily life, creating an immersive cultural experience centered around Chinese beauty. This cultural immersion covers clothing, food, accommodation, and the HUALUXE Gathering.

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Clothing: Showcasing Chinese Elegance Visually

In collaboration with Chinese fashion designer GRACE CHEN, HUALUXE has developed a series of staff uniforms inspired by Chinese cultural aesthetics. These modern designs embody elegance and resilience, showcasing the beauty of the East in every gesture and conveying the allure of Chinese heritage to guests.

Food: Experiencing Chinese Etiquette Through Culinary Delights

HUALUXE understands the preferences of Chinese travelers and offers unique culinary and social experiences centered around ‘eat’ and ‘meet.’ As the partner of the popular TV series ‘Destined,’ featuring brand ambassador Jingting Bai, HUALUXE presents themed Chinese afternoon tea, showcasing the unique charm of Chinese cuisine through handmade tea snacks. Individual hotels go even further, with HUALUXE Xi’an Chanba inviting nationally acclaimed senior tea artists to showcase Chinese tea culture. HUALUXE Shanghai Changfeng Park introduces fusion afternoon tea, blending Chinese exclusive flavors of tea, soy milk, and traditional Shanghai yogurt with Western-style desserts. HUALUXE Kunshan Huaqiao offers a Kunqu Opera-themed afternoon tea, where guests can immerse themselves in traditional Chinese cuisine and culture in the brand’s distinctive social space, ‘LUXE Tea.’

Accommodation: Conveying Elegance with Chinese Aesthetics

HUALUXE’s design and architecture revamp embody the beauty of Chinese traditional craftsmanship and color palettes under the concept of ‘One stay, one heritage.’ The signature food and beverage offerings highlight the taste and beauty of Chinese culinary culture. The hotels’ gardenesque scenes showcase the essence of traditional Chinese garden architecture in a natural and relaxed manner, while the spatial sequence presents the aesthetics of traditional indoor architecture. The HUALUXE Gathering conveys the elegance of Chinese social spaces and etiquette. These design features comprehensively present the experience of Chinese aesthetics to guests. Chinese elements further pervade every detail of the stay experience, as HUALUXE collaborates with Chinese ink brush artist Jiu Chen to incorporate classical Chinese opera into room amenities, including keycards, umbrellas, and paper bags, offering guests a distinctive Chinese art experience throughout their surroundings.

HUALUXE Gathering: Immersive Experiences of Chinese Culture in Daily Life

HUALUXE has meticulously created the exclusive “HUALUXE Gathering” to bring Chinese aesthetics and cultural heritage to life. In February, HUALUXE partnered with QQ Music to present a captivating HUALUXE Gathering livestream concert on QQ Music. HUALUXE Nanjing Yangtze River hosted the ‘HUALUXE Gathering’ World Book Day event, inviting guests to enjoy tea, read books, and share the everyday moments of a Chinese aesthetic lifestyle. The ‘Eight refined cultural activities’ serve as an extension of the HUALUXE Gathering philosophy, allowing guests to delve deeper into the essence of Chinese culture. Through immersive experiences such as tea ceremonies, chess matches, musical performances, gardening, savoring the sound of rain, calligraphy, and literary pursuits, guests can appreciate Chinese aesthetics alongside fellow enthusiasts.

HUALUXE Hotels and Resorts currently operates 20 hotels in the Greater China region, with 22 more hotels under construction. Newly opened hotels include HUALUXE Nanjing Yuhua, HUALUXE Sanya Yalong Bay Resort, and HUALUXE Guiyang Financial City, covering popular cities and vacation destinations. In the future, HUALUXE will continue its steady development, exploring traditional Chinese culture while bringing an engaging experience of Chinese aesthetics to more destinations. With the partnership of actor Jingting Bai, HUALUXE aims to inspire guests and showcase the elegance of Chinese culture.

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