IHG and Mastercard's Green Initiative

IHG and Mastercard’s Green Initiative: Planting Trees with Every Swipe

IHG Hotels & Resorts, a global hotel industry leader, has unveiled a new collaboration with Mastercard’s Priceless Planet Coalition.

This partnership aims to transform guest expenditures into tangible support for worldwide reforestation projects. Throughout October, every transaction exceeding $50 made with a Mastercard at specific IHG properties in the US will result in a $2 donation to Conservation International. This contribution, equivalent to the cost of nurturing one tree, will bolster tree restoration endeavors.

The Priceless Planet Coalition, steered by Conservation International and the World Resources Institute, merges corporate sustainability initiatives. Its mission is to rally businesses and consumers in a united front against climate change. With IHG’s involvement, the coalition anticipates the restoration of approximately 1.5 million trees in regions like Brazil, Madagascar, and Appalachia in the US.

Recent data from the World Resources Institute paints a concerning picture: over 10 million acres of vital tropical primary rainforests vanished last year. These forests play a pivotal role in sustaining livelihoods, carbon sequestration, and biodiversity. Addressing this alarming trend, the Priceless Planet Coalition has pledged to rejuvenate 100 million trees across six continents, targeting areas with the utmost global necessity.

Catherine Dolton, IHG’s Chief Sustainability Officer, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “Our involvement mirrors IHG’s ‘Journey to Tomorrow’ initiative, a decade-long responsible business strategy emphasizing sustainability. We’re eager to witness the global impact of our combined efforts.”

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Echoing this sentiment, Ellen Jackowski, Mastercard’s Chief Sustainability Officer, remarked, “The Priceless Planet Coalition was conceived to foster collective climate action. We’re thrilled to have IHG on board to champion projects that prioritize both people and the planet.”

This announcement marks another milestone in the enduring alliance between Mastercard and IHG. Their partnership was previously highlighted with the introduction of the IHG® Rewards Premier Business Mastercard® by Chase, the US’s premier co-brand card issuer.

Moreover, from 28th September – 16th October 2023, customers can save at least 15% on their next Autumn getaway at IHG® Hotels & Resorts. If you are a member, you can save even more!

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