Mama Shelter Dijon

Mama Shelter Debuts New Hotel in France’s Historic City of Dijon

In the historical city of Dijon, Mama Shelter is launching a brand-new 120-room hotel on July 27, 2023. Known as the capital city of the esteemed Burgundy region, Dijon hosts some of the world’s most renowned vineyards. Dijon’s unique blend of gastronomic tradition and viniculture has earned it the title of International City of Gastronomy and Wine by UNESCO.

The Mama Shelter Dijon offers guests a culinary journey through local cuisine at their ground floor restaurant. The restaurant’s 202-seat capacity caters to gourmands with charcoal grilled meats, signature cocktails, and signature Mama Dishes. Additionally, guests can enjoy the unique Toile de Jouy-inspired décor that complements the hotel’s vibrant atmosphere. The restaurant also features two outdoor spaces, namely the veranda terrace and the planted patio, where guests can enjoy a relaxing al fresco dining experience.

Mama Shelter Dijon also houses CineMama, a private 28-seat cinema offering exclusive screenings and video conferencing facilities. Other distinctive features include two karaoke bars, four meeting rooms, a petanque court, and a one-of-a-kind mustard made in collaboration with Edmond Fallot. This mustard, which is exclusively available at the hotel, is produced with locally grown seeds and traditional stone ground for an authentic Dijon mustard experience.

The location is a picturesque setting where vineyards and mustard fields merge harmoniously. Historical landmarks such as the Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy accentuate the city’s architectural elegance. The hotel, situated on Rue du Maret, neighbours the Saint-Bénigne Cathedral and Jardin Darcy, adding to its appeal.

The design of Mama Shelter Dijon is an embodiment of the city’s spirit. Housed within a brutalist building from the 1960s, the hotel pays homage to the city’s history while adding a contemporary twist. Benjamin El Doghaïli, the lead architect of the Mama Shelter design studio, has used the building’s existing structure to create a luminous glass box. The hotel also features black and white carpeting designed by Lila Mercier, representing the vineyards of Burgundy, while the caning on the headboards symbolises Dijon’s iconic glazed roofs.

Mama Shelter Dijon offers an innovative blend of tradition and modernity. From its unique culinary experiences to the distinctive designs and services, Mama Shelter Dijon is set to provide guests with an unforgettable stay in the heart of Burgundy.

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