Mama Shelter Luxembourg

Mama Shelter Opens A New Hotel in Luxembourg

Mama Shelter will open its first property that includes a Mama Works, marking its 13th property worldwide. Mama Shelter’s newest property comes to the heart of Europe – Luxembourg.

Set to open in May of 2020, Mama Luxembourg aims to bridge the gap between the chic of boutique hotels and Mama’s playful philosophy. This unique DNA creates the perfect home away from home for travelers and businessmen alike.

Strategically planted on the Kirchberg plateau, with proximity to the train station and downtown, the property brings the essence of Mama’s identity through its warm family-style hospitality and quirky design. Bonus feature: Mama Luxembourg will be the first hotel to come with its very own Mama Works, the group’s brand of co-working spaces.

With Luxembourg playing host to several European Union institutions and located at crossroads of France, Belgium and Germany, it is a true melting pot of different nationalities and cultures. Jérémie Trigano, CEO of Mama Shelter, adds “Luxembourg is as beautiful as it is cosmopolitan. We knew that combining these features with MAMA’s fun and sexy personality meant we would get a truly explosive result”.

In true Mama fashion, Mama Luxembourg honors local tradition through its design, with nods to both classic and contemporary culture that define the country. Guests will be greeted by French artist’s Beniloy’s graffiti ceiling and can follow along a 100-Euro note printed carpet to one of the 145 guest rooms, designed by Mama’s Design Studio led by Benjamin El Doghaïli.

The amenities that have made Mama Shelter such a beloved brand – free WiFi, movies (including XXX), and organic products from the Mama Skin line, developed in collaboration with the French skincare brand Absolution, are all to be found.

In the bustling lobby, on can find refuge at the 1,500+ square foot restaurant, with a menu under the eye of renowned Chef Jean-Edern Hurstel, large communal tables and homemade, fresh meals. Featuring one of the largest bars in the country, there’s enough room for everyone to enjoy a cocktail at the Instagram-worthy pink marble bar.

For those not afraid of heights, the last floor features a signature 1,150 square foot Mama rooftop complete with a restaurant, island bar, a fire pit and a range of games to play with friends or family, from boules to ping pong.

Mama Luxembourg has also thought about its hardworking guests. Even though it is a great home away from home, it is also a remote office. Right below the hotel, one can choose from MAMA’s luminous Ateliers, that range from 95 to 560 square feet or take advantage of the conjoined  Mama Works that offers several individual working spaces. There is also a CineMama, that can host up to 31 people and that is ideal for screenings or presentations. A tempting waft of fresh homemade breads and pastries will come from the bakery right at the entrance. 

Whether stopping by to work or to have fun, travelers are welcomed with open arms to  Mama Shelter. They can rest easy knowing MAMA will take care of everything!

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