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OYO Keeps Doors Open at its UK Hotels for Key Workers

OYO Hotels & Homes is keeping the doors open at many of its UK hotels to accommodate key workers who are unable to work from home and are in need of places to stay close to their place of employment.

The company has introduced significantly reduced fixed rate pricing across its UK properties to remove unpredictability, allowing individuals and businesses to accurately budget for contingency accommodation. Rooms are available for a flat rate of £175 per week or £32 per night within London and in many other locations across the UK. 

“A number of hotels under the OYO brand have already partnered with NHS Trusts and councils to offer rooms to those in need – something we are still exploring with other hotel owners and will announce more on soon,” said Rishabh Gupta, head of OYO UK. “More immediately, these fixed rates are available to key workers in any sector who might need to cut out lengthy commutes or avoid returning home each night to a household they might share with more vulnerable individuals.” 

“This is not an exercise in profitability,” Gupta continued. “Rates have been set on the assumption of longer stay guests and to cover the minimum costs of keeping these hotels operational under the current circumstances. OYO works with small- and medium-sized, independently-owned hotels and we are grateful to our owners for their cooperation and their efforts in making sure the doors stay open for key workers during these times.”

Hotels under the OYO brand remain independently owned and the majority of the 200+ properties are also independently operated. With an average size of 24 rooms, each is essentially a small business which partners with OYO to add capabilities including revenue management, technology and brand. 

The government’s guidance on key workers outlines private as well as public sector workers who have been identified as critical to keeping supply chains functioning and maintaining public safety and national security. OYO has properties in smaller towns and suburbs as well as city centres, so it might well offer the most local accommodation to businesses like pharmacies, supermarkets, delivery depots and even factories where staff continue to provide essential services. 

OYO has set up a customer support team to deal with requests for long-stay, advance and group bookings and to find the optimal solution for any particular requirements. Requests should be made by email to [email protected]. Last minute bookings can also be made online at www.oyorooms.com

At present, OYO and its partners have worked to keep over 2,000 of OYO’s UK rooms operational for the use of key workers each night. OYO estimates that a further 2,000 rooms can be made available at similar rates and at short notice, according to the need. 

Any limitation in the hotel’s usual services will be discussed at the point of booking. All guests are requested to respect the government guidelines around social distancing and hygiene practices in consideration of other staff and guests. 

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