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Pet Hotels: Main Features and Risks

Many people are fond of traveling. Either you would like to have an unforgettable vacation, or you need to travel on business, you might not have an opportunity to take your pet with you.

What should you do in this situation? Fortunately, there are pet hotels that are always ready to help you keep your four-legged friend for a particular period of time. However, how can you choose the best temporary home for your animal? What are the main risks of staying in a pet hotel? Find out the answers to all these questions right in this post. 

Top Features Of Pet Hotels 

To choose the best place for your pet, it is necessary to know the basic services offered by most hotels for animals. What can you expect from leaving your pet in a themed hotel?


Of course, your fluffy one will not be hungry when staying in a pet hotel. Your dog might get the best wet puppy food or any other feed according to its needs and preferences. In case you have a cat, you can also leave some recommendations about feeding your four-legged fellow. If you are not sure, which feed-stuff will become a perfect fit for your animal when you are away, you can always read wysong cat food reviews and choose the most suitable one. Anyway, the assistants in a pet hotel will surely feed your animal according to your instructions. 

Going For A Walk

This service is available for dogs mostly. Any dog needs to have enough physical fit and breath a fresh air to stay happy and healthy. Therefore, the pet hotel professionals will take your dog for a walk during the hours you’ve specified beforehand. This means your dog will not feel uncomfortable because of having a walk at an unusual time. 

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Special Care

Sometimes it happens that your pet might need additional care. For example, some animals require taking pills, vitamins, or medication regularly. This way, you will need to provide the hotel’s professionals with the needed treatment and leave instructions for the medication. In some cases, the pet experts might also visit a veterinarian with your pet to get the vaccination (if necessary.) This means you shouldn’t worry about your animal’s health – the hotel’s assistants will look after your pet. 

Taking Care Of Uncommon Pets

Dogs and cats are not the only types of pets. Some people keep rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, raccoons, snakes, chameleons, and even hedgehogs at home. Unfortunately, not every pet hotel is ready to take care of such an animal because most of them are focused on common pets. However, there are usually some hotels for different types of animals in big cities. 

Unique Services 

If you have a big budget for a pet hotel, you might also look for some extra services. For example, some hotels offer pet spa or massage to all their fluffy guests. If you believe your animal is a member of your family that deserves the best possible service when you are far away, these features might become a good fit. However, additional features might appear to be very expensive. Therefore, don’t forget to find out the pricing for extra services in advance. 

Risks Of Pet Hotels 

Unfortunately, staying in a pet hotel still has some risks. Discover the most common risks when using the services of hotels for animals. 

Health Risks 

First of all, your pet will surely miss you. Some animals love their masters so much that they can even fall ill when staying alone. You can’t eliminate this risk. That is why it is better not to leave your pet in a hotel for a long time. Moreover, you can take some of your pet’s favorite toys to the hotel to make your animal feel more comfortable in a new and unknown place. 

Second, some low-quality pet hotels might fail to meet some sanitary standards or take care of animals improperly. Thus, some dogs might have a walk only once per day. To avoid such a common issue, it is better to read the reviews of using the services of a particular animal hotel shared by other pet owners. Moreover, you can visit the hotel by yourself several times and check how the other animals are taken care of. It is also important not to choose the cheapest animal hotel you can find in your area since it might have a very low quality of service. 

Risk Of Pet Loss

This sounds like a nightmare to any loving pet owner. This issue is not common for most pet hotels, but it might still take place. If you have a dog, you should leave the instructions not to walk the dog without its collar and leash. This way, the risks of losing the dog on a walk are miserable. 

Of course, there are both good and bad pet hotels. Therefore, choose it wisely to make your four-legged animal happy and healthy. 

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