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Rosewood Hong Kong Opens

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts announced the launch of the latest installment of its signature global Rosewood Regulars advertising campaign, to mark the launch of its eagerly-anticipated newest global flagship in Hong Kong, the home of Rosewood Hotel Group.

An anticipation-building 45-second teaser film launches globally on Rosewood Hotel Group’s digital and social channels on February 25, 2019, followed by a global multi-media print and digital campaign which will launch on March 18th. Embodying an authentic vision of luxury that contextualizes the richness of Hong Kong as an inimitable global metropolis, juxtaposed with the values and importance of legacy as a pillar of the city’s cultural heritage, the campaign comprises iconic photography with the four short cinematic films that feature “The Rosewood Regulars” converging in settings that exemplify Kowloon and iconic Victoria Harbour, culminating at Rosewood’s newest property. A defining destination for the luxury hotel group and a marker of its positioning as an innovator of global style with a growing presence in Asia, Europe and globally, the films touch on the unique historical heritage, as the site of the former Holt’s Wharf dating back to 1910, followed by the storied New World Centre.  

Lending context to the rich and nuanced layers of Hong Kong society and its cultural traditions, the campaign celebrates the heritage of Kowloon and its pivotal rebirth on the global stage, signified by the launch of Rosewood Hong Kong as the beacon of the new waterfront Victoria Dockside arts and cultural district. “The Rosewood Regulars” feature a tableaux of cultural archetypes who depict what makes the city so compelling, vibrant, and globally relevant within the context of Rosewood and the hotel’s role as a dynamic marker of Hong Kong’s future. 

Whether as the father and son depicted in the first film, underscoring the notion of values, and the first generation nurturing a vision for the future through the teachings of the past. Or with the son’s coming of age that sees him fast forward to his future as an architect, witnessing the city’s evolution – and Kowloon in turn – through his own unique and personal journey as an architect. Their first-hand story is pivotal to the building of Rosewood Hong Kong. The second film too, tells an inspirational story of a young chef and his mentor, wisely guiding him through Hong Kong’s rich gastronomic traditions, and the value of passing on knowledge and nurturing creativity, as the young chef is indoctrinated into the kitchens of Rosewood. 

Further enunciating the power of legacy and the emotions this evokes, a father and daughter take the stage in the third film, honoring tradition through the ritual of marriage, while still being her father’s daughter. In the final film’s homage to Hong Kong’s heyday as a global film capital, a sophisticated movie scene is being shot in Rosewood’s forecourt, set against the hotel’s elegant façade. In a scene echoing the artistic craftsmanship of Hong Kong’s most famous directors, a scene unfolds with the arrival by signature Rosewood extended wheelbase limousine, of a glamorous female protagonist. An actress playing a scene, she hones her craft surrounded by an expert Hong Kong crew and under the tutelage of a master director. 

Representing the brand’s most trusted clientele and today’s modern traveler, each of these scenes depict individuals who consider experiences to be their most precious commodity and whose wealth is measured in freedom. Offering fleeting glimpses of the property, the campaign reimagines Rosewood’s A Sense of Place® philosophy through a celebration of each guest’s unique personal journey, showcasing how Rosewood enables guests to be who they want to be, and encourages them to embody their most authentic self. 

In each story, Hong Kong is the backdrop, and glimpses of the iconic Rosewood tower blend seamlessly into the narrative, lending resonance as a point of convergence; empowering guests to trace their personal journeys and craft their identities through the life events that bring them to the hotel. From a journey back in time, to a story of discovery and a coming of age; from a ritual milestone to a celebration of learning; the shared moments of guest transformation and discovery center around the harbor and Kowloon, converging at Rosewood Hong Kong as the new center of gravity on the waterfront.

“The opening of Rosewood Hong Kong marks an important milestone for the future vision of the Rosewood Hotels & Resorts brand, and what better way to launch this innovative advertising campaign than by paying homage to the fascinating city we call home,” says Sonia Cheng, chief executive officer at Rosewood Hotel Group. “The campaign brings our Sense of Place® philosophy to life in a way that references Rosewood’s roots and heritage, while celebrating the value of inimitable shared experiences and the role they play in creating indelible memories, and emotional links to a property and a place. The story of legacy is a tribute to my father, Dr. Henry Cheng, and my late grandfather, Dr. Cheng Yu-tung, who first envisioned the site that Rosewood Hong Kong is founded on. And it is also a reference to the art and design voices that have helped me redefine Rosewood in a new context for the brand, as well as for Hong Kong, as this city carves out a dynamic future on the global stage. Rosewood Hong Kong is proud to be a part of this evolutionary story.” 

Launching in March 2019, the main campaign encompasses print and digital advertisement placements in key global publications. With the Hong Kong campaign led by the teaser video, also shot by Pascal Dangin; as well as a social and digital campaign with photographs of the scenes depicted in the iconic films, also shot by Dangin. The creative for Rosewood Hong Kong’s launch follows the first iteration of the brand’s innovative, iconic and arresting advertising campaign which introduced the #RosewoodRegulars to mark the momentous unveiling of L’Hotel de Crillon, A Rosewood Hotel, in August 2017. This was followed by the #RosewoodGirlfriends integrated activation campaign celebrating longstanding friendships and the unique role that travel plays in cementing meaningful shared memories.

“For me Hong Kong has always represented a place of modernity that is rooted in fascinating traditions,” says Pascal Dangin, CEO and chief creative officer at Studio Dangin.

“To celebrate the momentous birth of this iconic, outstanding Hong Kong property, Rosewood and I wanted the campaign to reflect the legacy of this site, the importance of heritage for the Cheng family, and the idea that with tradition comes the key to creating a compelling new narrative for the future; one inspired by generations past, but imbued with modernity, a fresh perspective and a renewed relevance for today. These characters are the embodiment of the #RosewoodRegulars.”

The print campaign and teaser film can be viewed here, and the full campaign with the four short films will be available on March 18th to coincide with the launch of Rosewood Hong Kong.

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