Chedi Xinchang

Second Chedi Hotel Opens in China


The Chedi Xinchang, a most expected new staycation destination, and second The Chedi hotel in mainland China opened.

It is opened in the Nineteen Peaks Scenic Xinchang, an area known locally as the “Little Guilin South of the Yangtze River”, in Zhejiang province, which delivers a luxury resort experience along Han Fei River and in the secluded valley surrounded by mountains, cliffs and forests.

Designed by a famous architect HBA, the resort blends in with the surrounding nature without compromising its personality.

As the third luxury resort hotel of Golden Union Group, the location of The Chedi Xinchang was selected due to the uniqueness of the surroundings. Architected to blend in with the area’s idyllic landscape, the 45,000 square meter resort is peacefully ensconced within a secluded valley in the Nineteen Peaks Scenic Area.

chedi xinchang

93 Villas including 92 riverfront villas and 1 located on a hilltop above this scenic and serene landscape and is accessible by a landmark inclined 206-meter long, 139-meter high aerial tramway, offering breathtaking views of the 19 peaks as one ascends to the top.

The resort is equipped with an indoor constant-temperature swimming pool, an outdoor infinity pool, a gym, a recreation center, a kids club and an outdoor recreation area.

A number of indoor and outdoor activities for all ages are always on offer, including pottery making, horseback riding, fishing and flower picking.

Not to be missed is the spa experience at one of the resort’s five spas, each one equipped with private bathrooms and relaxation areas.

In addition, the 300-square-meter Grand Ballroom, including an open air auditorium and a heart-shaped lawn, is an ideal venue for those important moments in one’s life.

Every journey spent at The Chedi Xinchang is a dialogue between humanity and nature, a fusion of fashion and tradition, and an encounter between your mind and body and nature.

A paradise in eastern Zhejiang, uniquely built with craftsmanship, now open for discerning guests.

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