The AG Group is born in Italy

The AG Group is born in Italy to offer Complete in-house Services for Travelers

The AG Group is born as the first ever incoming tourist group in Italy in the position to offer its own complete in-house service to fulfill today’s growing tourism demand.

On June 28, RSI–Italy Boutique Journey -DMC, Italy Hotels Collection – Hotel Consulting & Revenue management, MAG Hotels – 4 Star Boutique Hotels in the city center of Rome, Diana’s Place – A chain of gourmet Bistros each with their own particularly extensive wine cellars merge under one roof.

Each company was founded and directed by Andrea Girolami, and today becomes known as The AG Group Brand, the founder’s initials. Completing the equation and no less prestigious is the novice collection of Luxury Retreats for the elderly. 

Each brand has contributed and brought to life the first Tourist Group in Italy capable of providing all aspects of their very own in-house services. DMC, Tour Operator & Event Management, Hotel Consulting,  Boutique Hotels, Restaurants, and Retirement homes.

The Independent Suites

AG Group, whose significant claim is Your gateway to Italy, is from today online with the portal, thus rebranding all the above business units.

  • AG Hotels – five 4 star hotels in the center of Rome, with a sixth new opening in September 2019 and a magnificent 5-star hotel in Florence in the autumn, in the prestigious street of Via de’ Tornabuoni. More new openings in the pipeline will soon follow in Venice and Milan.
  • AG Boutique Journey, DMC, Tour Operator, Event Management & Wedding planner also with an important sector specializing in the luxury market.
  • AG Hotel Consulting, revenue consulting agency for 4 & 5-star hotels throughout Italy currently contributing to the marketing of 30 hotels and with a goal to reach the 100 mark within the next two years.
  • AG Foodies, Bistros in Rome city center as well as on the Rooftop Terraces of two of the AG Hotels, plus the one very soon to open in Florence. All Gourmet menus are creatively managed and directed by the well-known Michelin star chef Andrea Fusco.
  • AG Domus Nova, the novelty of the Group with an important Retirement Home project, starting in central Italy, to respond to the demand for hospitality for the third age.

Dianas Place Volturno

The History behind the story

Andrea GirolamiAndrea Girolami is an entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience in the tourism and hospitality sector. He graduated in Economics from ‘La Sapienza’ University in Rome and began his career right away. From 1994 up until the year 2000, he worked for several renowned Business Consulting Companies. At the same time, he was also active in some worldwide academic issues relating to responding to the formulization and implementation of strategic choices within businesses.

The entrepreneurial turnaround came in the year 2000 when he started RSI as a Tour operator.  In a very short time, it became successful succeeded in establishing itself among some of the most dynamic realities of Incoming Services within Italy.  RSI became fivefold in ten years and grew to five separate divisions to characterize the macro-areas of intervention for the Tour Operator (Group Travel, FIT Travel, Corporate and Events, Luxury Travel & Weddings).

The success of the RSI Group pushed Girolami to launch an initiative to promote diversification of his business. Thus he entered the hotel industry in 2011 with the purchase of a first property, which from the following year became the first 4-star property. The ambitious development plan did not stop there and continued to grow with other members and the opening of 16 hotels.  Growth in hospitality continues to thrive with the imminent inauguration of a luxury hotel in Florence – by the end of the year 2019 and then a follow up with Venice and Milan.

The opening of Italy Hotels Collection, a management and consultancy company, dates back to the year 2015 for Hotel and Revenue Management. Currently, this line has over thirty structures and has the goal to expanding its portfolio further and to reach 100 properties within the next two years. But that is not all. The passion for champagne, good wine and gastronomy pushed Andrea Girolami to open the first Diana’s Place Bistrò, gourmet cuisine in Rome, in 2017, refined and informal environments, followed by similar initiatives in other cities.

Born from this remarkable entrepreneurial background, AG Group employs 250 people, it is in constant growth and from today it is proposed to the world public as a key of privileged access – in view of the one-stop-shop – to Italy and its treasures.

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