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The Hottest Casino Resorts that have Opened for Business in 2019


Most travelers seeking the excitement and thrills of the casino experience will head to Las Vegas to get the very best bang for their buck.

And why not? Sin City is home to more casino resorts and hotels than the eye can see, with plenty of new premises opening for business, as featured on

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But there are more gaming destinations popping up all over the world, and 2019 has seen a selection of top-class properties and facilities opening their doors for the first time.

Here’s three to try if you’re looking for your next casino-orientated vacation.

Encore Boston Harbour, Massachusetts

For casino enthusiasts who love sumptuous surroundings to go with their luxury vacation, the Encore at Boston Harbour could be for you.

Situated on the Mystic River waterfront, the Encore cost a cool $2.6bn to build but was evidently worth it: the steel design looks stunning against the Massachusetts skyline. Inside, the innovation continues, with the infamous ‘Popeye’ statue that Steve Wynn purchased from Sotheby’s for a steady $28 million taking pride of place alongside works from renowned artist, Roy Lichtenstein.

As far as casino gaming is concerned, there are 210,000 sq ft of space to revel in, which features more than 3,000 slot machines and 140 tables offering a wide range of games. You can step into the high-limit room if you’re feeling lucky, or take your seat in the 88 table poker room which is open 24 hours a day. There are even 24/7 cash games, and to sweeten the deal a grill serves mouth-watering dishes around the clock.

FortuneGate Casino, Philippines

The Philippines is becoming a go-to destination for casino gamers, and the new FortuneGate-branded casino is the latest operation to open in the Pampanga region.

The casino can be found within the Stotsenberg Hotel complex, just five minutes from Clark International Airport. It boasts more than 130 slot machines and 28 gaming tables, where you can try your hand at blackjack, roulette, Baccarat, and Asian favorite, Sic Bo.

Guests staying at the hotel can also enjoy a variety of restaurants and bars, a spa, a wellness center, and sports facilities including a swimming pool.

Boomerang Casino, Russia

Nestled in the heart of Sochi, which hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics, this is a new casino in another unique and eye-catching setting.

Housed in typically characterful Russian architecture, the Boomerang has its own progressive jackpot network linked to its 200+ slot machines – who knows, maybe you could be their next big money winner?

sochi olympic park

Elsewhere, there are 20 live gaming tables featuring roulette, blackjack and both American and Russian versions of poker.

And if you fancy a change of scene, you could always take a bracing stroll along the Sochi River, which runs parallel to the boulevard that the Boomerang sits on.

What if you fancy a ‘staycation’?

The ‘staycation’ and even ‘daycation’ are options for those of us on a tighter budget who perhaps can’t stretch to a trip abroad or across state lines. There are so many different things you can do on a staycation – as highlighted by Forbes in their article on the topic at With a bundle of interesting heritage sites to visit on a budget; such as museums and galleries, pools, movie theatres, you don’t need a bottomless pocket to keep entertained over summer vacation.

But what if you still think you’re missing out on that little bit of luxury? You could utilize your love of gaming and add a splash of creativity by hosting your own casino night and incorporate some online casino games into your evening so the stakes are even higher and add tangible value to your gaming. Or you could go with the classic approach and party with friends and family in the full get-up, complete with felt tabletops, playing cards and poker chips which can be picked up cheaply online.

So maybe that’s the way forward: while you are saving up for your next expedition to a luxury getaway, be sure to check out the fantastic selection of activities available online and on your doorstep, and get planning your next adventure – whether that be on your doorstep or in a resort thousands of miles away.

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