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The Most Luxurious Casino Hotels in the World

When people think about luxurious casinos, what comes into mind is Las Vegas for obvious reasons. The city is home to some of the most extravagant casinos in the world that are heavily talked about online and featured numerous times in TV shows and movies. Las Vegas’ casinos made gambling a cultural staple in the city and earned its nickname ‘Sin City’.

Nevertheless, there are many other casino hotels as luxurious and elegant as those in Vegas. Some of them may not be as popular as the Vegas casino hotels, but their popularity is rising each year. Get to know these casino hotels around the world, and there might be one that you can visit nearby.

Luxurious Casino Hotels Around the World

Marina Bay Sands Casino floor1. Marina Bay Sands Casino (Singapore)

The Marina Bay Sands has become a popular landmark in Singapore as of late, thanks to its impressive architectural designs. It has probably even beaten the fountain lion as the most recognizable landmark in Singapore. Around the world, it has become a popular place for travelers and gambling enthusiasts alike. Major events have been held in Marina Bay Sands throughout the years it has been operational. Famous politicians, celebrities, and superstar athletes visit Marina Bay every year.

This casino hotel offers numerous entertainment options and high-end features for its guests. Their wide casino hall has a total of 500 gaming tables and 2,300 slot machines.

2. Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino (Spain)

The Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino blends in well with the beaches and crazy parties of the Balearic Islands in Spain. The hotel offers its guests a breathtaking and romantic setting as it overlooks the Old Town and the marina. Their casino facility features an array of slot machines and gambling tables for guests who fancy spending their money without worries. In addition, the Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino has been known by gambling enthusiasts and pro poker players in holding famous Texas Hold’em tournaments.

3. The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan Casino (Puerto Rico)

This establishment located in Puerto Rico offers a great view of the vast Atlantic Ocean and measures a total of 8 acres. The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan Casino is officially known as one of the best hotel casinos in the world. Their casino facility offers games such as mini-baccarat, roulette, let-it-ride games, and blackjack. They also have 300 slot machines in total as an alternative for their main feature games. The hotel also neighbors five-star restaurants that serve mouth-watering Puerto Rican cuisine.

4. The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden Casino (Germany)

This elegant casino hotel is one of the oldest around the world. It was built in 1820 which makes it 200 years old. Kurhaus is a perfect place for gamblers who want to be free from crowds. The casino hotel also has a renowned spa to relax in. If you want to do something more adventurous, you can explore the top tourist destinations in Baden-Baden such as the very famous Black Forest.

SunCityResortCasino5. Sun City Resort and Casino (South Africa)

The Sun City Resort and Casino offers an ambiance that resembles the atmosphere of an African Safari. It is two hours away from Johannesburg and is located nearby the city of Rutenberg. Their world-class casino facility offers gamblers roulettes, slots, blackjack, and many more. For big-time rollers, private rooms are provided for complete privacy and tight security.

6. Venetian Macao Resort Hotel Casino (China)

The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel Casino gave Macao its nickname as ‘The Las Vegas of Asia’. The structure and design of the building are similar to those of some Las Vegas casinos and hotels, making it the most unique among other Venetian hotels. The establishment has its own world-class restaurants, luxury boutiques, and shopping malls. However, what stands out the most is their elegant casino, which has a whopping 500 gaming tables and 2,000 slot machines along with other numerous entertainment choices that guests can choose from.

7. Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino (Argentina)

This casino hotel is located in Argentina’s most vibrant city, Mendoza. The structure of the Park Hyatt Mendoza made it stand out amongst other hotels in Argentina which also makes it interesting to visit. It resembles an old Spanish colonial building. Looking at it from the outside seems as though you are traveling during the historic Spanish era. The Park Hyatt offers its guests all the standard games and features, making it a world-class gambling establishment. But there is one game in their casino that stands out amongst the rest and it is the favorite of local players called Punto Y Blanca.

8. Foxwoods Resort Casino (USA)

Las Vegas is not the only city in the USA that has a luxury casino hotel. It is located in the northeast coast of the country in the state of Connecticut in a town called Ledyard. The Foxwoods Resort Casino attracts tourists and gambling enthusiasts alike due to its unique forest setting. Its entire vicinity measures about 840,000 m2, making it the largest resort casino in the US. Their casino hall alone measures a whopping 32,000 m2 with over 3,400 slot machines and 800 gambling tables.

9. Crown Melbourne (Australia)

The Crown Melbourne is known as Australia’s ‘Crown Jewel’ due to the Australian’s passion for gambling. It opened way back in 1944 and still remains famous today. The entire vicinity of the Crown Melbourne measures 510,000 m2 which also offers a great view of the famous Yarra River. Their gaming area alone measures a total of 20,438 m2 with 2,628 slot machines and 540 gambling tables. Moreover, Crown Melbourne also has a shopping and entertainment venue wherein children and teens under the age of 18 are allowed to enter.

10. MGM Grand Macau (China)

The MGM Grand Macau is one of the most popular casino hotels worldwide. It is inspired by its counterpart in Las Vegas. MGM Grand Macau opened its doors in December of 2007. The entire property covers 288,000 m2 of land. The building was designed with a golden-hued exterior with three wave-shaped tiers to resemble the ocean swells of the vast South China Sea. The casino’s gaming floor measures 20,000 m2 with 1,200 slot machines and 400 gambling tables. Every year, the MGM Grand Macau attracts holiday goers and big-time gamblers alike.

11. Ponte 16 Casino Resort Macau (China)

The Ponte 16 Casino Resort is another famous casino in Macau. It is located nearby the city’s world-renowned Inner Harbor. Ponte 16 became famous around the globe for its state-of-the-art slot machines and gaming tables and beautiful location. It’s also widely known for housing a Michael Jackson Gallery which is the very first in Asia. Its overall estate measures 120,770 m2, and its casino’s gaming floor measures 25,000 m2 with 300 slot machines and 109 table game.

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