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TUI BLUE Hotel Openings

As the recovery of the tourism industry continues, TUI Group also announced that its Hotels & Resorts segment is expanding with new openings of its global hotel brand TUI BLUE.

The expansion is driven by international partnerships in which TUI BLUE hotels are operated either under management contracts or by franchisees. Already 13 new openings across four continents are planned for the next two years. With this development, TUI BLUE is adding completely new destinations to its hotel portfolio, such as China, Senegal, Cambodia and Curaçao.

In summer 2023, TUI BLUE will initially open five hotels in popular destinations on the Balearic Islands, Cyprus, Egypt and Thailand. In addition, the construction of a new hotel will start in Reutte, Austria. The upcoming hotels in Asia are in attractive beach locations in Thailand, Cambodia and on the Chinese holiday island of Hainan. With two more hotels in the heartland, the need of Chinese tourists for holidays in popular cities such as Fuyang or Taicang will also be addressed. One hotel in Senegal and a new building on the Caribbean island of Curaçao will bring a new flavor to the portfolio in the future.

“We are growing with international partners across four continents. This milestone proves that we are serving a global trend with the TUI BLUE brand as well as the design of individual hotel experiences,” says Erik Friemuth, Managing Director TUI Hotels & Resorts.

“The hotels in China, Southeast Asia and Africa will also attract new customers from the region to our hotel locations in the future.” Further expansion of the hotel portfolio is already on the horizon, as explained by Artur Gerber, Managing Director TUI BLUE.

“We want to establish TUI BLUE as a guest magnet for exciting new holiday destinations. To this end, we have established teams of experienced hotel developers in Dubai and Hong Kong, who are currently negotiating the next growth opportunities.”

Digital hotel platform improves the guest experience

The TUI BLUE model offers partners the opportunity to increase the performance and revenue of their hotels, optimise costs and make hotel operations even more efficient. In addition to TUI’s operational expertise and marketing and sales power with 27 million customers per year, it also provides access to a digital hotel platform. The smart technology enables efficient hotel management and a seamless digital customer experience. For example, through the digital front office which streamlines collaboration across departments and different hotel areas in order to process the guest’s wishes faster and more efficiently. All elements of the comprehensive ecosystem are based on the long-standing know-how in designing holiday experiences as well as in hotel management and operations. The continuous development of smart hotel solutions ensures that hotel staff have more time and opportunities for personal and individual guest service.

TUI BLUE hotel pipeline

Openings Summer 2023

  • TUI BLUE Crystal Bay, Egypt
  • TUI BLUE Atlantica Sungarden Park, Cyprus
  • TUI BLUE Levante, Majorca, Spain
  • TUI BLUE Victoria Menorca, Spain
  • TUI BLUE The Passage, Thailand

Openings within the next years

  • TUI BLUE Taicang, Jiangsu, China
  • TUI BLUE Clearwater Bay, Hainan, China
  • TUI BLUE Curaçao
  • TUI BLUE Reutte, Austria
  • TUI BLUE Jalaw Beach, Senegal
  • TUI BLUE Koh Kong, Cambodia
  • TUI BLUE Rayong, Thailand
  • TUI BLUE Fuyang, Anhui, China

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