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WTTC and GSTC Unite to Launch a Three-Stage Framework for Hotel Sustainability

In an important move towards promoting sustainability in the hospitality sector, the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) have announced a groundbreaking partnership.

This collaboration aims to introduce a structured framework for hotel sustainability, culminating in the prestigious GSTC Certification.

This partnership not only endorses the existing WTTC Hotel Sustainability Basics but also charts a clear path towards achieving the GSTC Hotel Sustainability Certification. The alliance between WTTC and GSTC aims to emphasize the importance of sustainability in today’s world and showcase the unity and collaboration within the Travel & Tourism sector.

The newly introduced three-stage framework for hotel sustainability will incorporate an intermediate verification phase. This phase will bridge the gap between the WTTC Hotel Sustainability Basics verification and the GSTC Hotel Sustainability Certification. The primary objective of this intermediate phase is to assist hotels in their journey towards achieving complete sustainability.

Julia Simpson, the President & CEO of WTTC, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Teaming up with a respected organization like GSTC underscores our commitment to steering the industry towards a greener future. Collaborating with influential global entities like GSTC is essential to instigate change, establish standards, and motivate others to join the cause.”

She further added, “GSTC’s extensive accreditation program, with members from all over the globe, not only enhances our initiative but also guarantees a unified approach to sustainability in the hospitality sector worldwide.”

Echoing her sentiments, Randy Durband, the CEO of GSTC, remarked, “The WTTC Hotel Sustainability Basics offers an excellent starting point for hotels, irrespective of their size or category, to embark on their sustainability journey. GSTC’s certification, accredited by GSTC-certified bodies, is universally acknowledged as the pinnacle of sustainable hotel certifications.”

He continued, “The announcement today offers a clear roadmap for both initiation and ongoing enhancement. It’s essential to understand that these stages are progressive steps and not mere levels to achieve and remain stagnant.”

The WTTC Hotel Sustainability Basics, which is already available to the industry, meets 9 of the GSTC Certification criteria. The forthcoming intermediate WTTC verification program, set to debut in 2024, will fulfill 28 criteria of the GSTC Certification. Once a hotel satisfies all 42 criteria, it will be awarded the esteemed GSTC Certification.

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