New restaurants will open at Lima Airport

11 New Dining Outlets to Open at Lima Airport


Lima Airport is set to become a gastronomic hotspot with the announcement of 11 new food and beverage outlets opening in its new terminal. In a significant move to redefine travel retail, Lagardère Travel Retail and Lima Airport Partners (LAP) have joined forces to create an unparalleled culinary journey for travelers.

With an expansive 3,300 square meters allocated for this venture, the new development is not just about expanding the airport’s commercial space; it’s about creating an immersive experience that reflects Peru’s rich culinary heritage. The concept, dubbed “Nación Sazón” or “The Land of Flavors,” promises to offer passengers a taste of local cuisine that is as authentic as it is diverse.

This initiative comes two years after Lagardère Travel Retail‘s successful launch of duty-free stores in Peru, further cementing their role in the Peruvian retail landscape. The collaboration with LAP aims to showcase Peruvian gastronomy to the world by leveraging the country’s recent international culinary acclaim.

Lagardère Travel Retail has pulled off a remarkable feat by partnering with some of Peru’s culinary giants. Chefs Mitsuharu Tsumura of Maido and Jaime Pesaque of Mayta, both leaders in the global gastronomic scene, will be bringing their expertise to the airport. Tsumura introduces a concept inspired by Japanese cuisine, while Pesaque brings a taste of the fishing port Callao to the travel hub.

The food and beverage lineup doesn’t stop there. Jose del Castillo’s “Las Reyes” will serve up Creole cuisine, while Javier Miyasato’s “Burger Boy” offers award-winning burgers. The Asian fusion concept KO, the sandwich phenomenon La Lucha, and the artisanal bakery Pan Sal Aire are set to tantalize travelers’ tastebuds. Puku Puku café will provide a socially and environmentally conscious coffee experience.

Moreover, the airport will introduce global award-winning concepts like “Natoo” and “So Coffee,” alongside localized concepts like “Wok to Gate,” which represents the fusion of Peruvian ‘chifa’ cuisine with Chinese influences.

The airport’s transformation into a gastronomic hub is complemented by the architectural ingenuity of Altavia Group, Arquitekturas, 51-1, and Grunwald, who are tasked with reflecting Peru’s culinary journey in the design of the stores.

The grand unveiling of these dining outlets is set for 2025, in line with the launch of Lima Airport’s new terminal. Cyril Letocart, CEO of Lagardère Travel Retail Peru, expressed his enthusiasm about the venture, emphasizing the shared vision of creating the best culinary experience in an airport in the region.

Norbert Onkelbach, Chief Commercial Officer at Lima Airport Partners, highlighted the strategic importance of food and beverage to the overall retail strategy of the new terminal, aiming to enhance passengers’ travel experience with a rich Peruvian flavor.

In addition to the food service, Lagardère Travel Retail will also operate four duty-free and duty-paid shops in the new terminal. These shops will promote Peruvian brands and culture, featuring immersive design and a wide array of local products.

As Lima Airport prepares for this exciting expansion, travelers can look forward to a culinary adventure that will make the Peruvian capital an even more enticing travel destination.

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