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Air France and Allianz Travel to offer teleconsultation service

Air France and Allianz Travel have been offering a teleconsultation service for all customers who have purchased an Air France ticket and taken out Allianz Travel Multi-risks or Assistance insurance.

They can now at no extra cost benefit from two medical teleconsultations during their trip.

Teleconsultation is a medical consultation carried out remotely with an Allianz Travel nurse or doctor registered with the Medical Council and based in France. A teleconsultation is accessible by videoconference from a smartphone or by telephone. 

Customers can now contact a healthcare professional at any time (including during the night, at weekends and on public holidays) from abroad, and obtain a prescription if necessary and subject to the country’s authorization.

This teleconsultation service supports and reassures travelers in the event of health problems abroad. They have rapid access to a reliable response concerning a health matter, treatment or referral to recognized and adapted local healthcare bodies.

In accordance with medical data protection and security requirements, consultations are completely confidential.

Two concrete examples of a teleconsultation

A family on holiday in Spain – a mother contacts the teleconsultation service via videoconference for her son’s laryngitis symptoms, which her son suffers from regularly. The doctor assesses the situation and as the patient doesn’t display any serious symptoms, writes out a prescription for the anti-inflammatories that the child is accustomed to taking. The family can enjoy the rest of their holiday.

A holiday with friends in Greece – one of the young women presents a red rash on her arm. She anxiously contacts the teleconsultation service by videoconference and shows the doctor her arm. After posing his questions, the doctor reassures her that it doesn’t require urgent attention and recommends a type of cream she can obtain over the counter from a chemist’s.

This is the first time in France that teleconsultation, accessible worldwide (excluding North Korea), is included in travel insurance. This type of service is useful for treating minor symptoms and complements medical assistance, which is usually provided in the travel assistance package.

“This new service for our customers offers genuine added value as it reassures travelers when they are away from home, sometimes on the opposite side of the planet. Thanks to teleconsultation, they have peace of mind when travelling knowing that they have 24/7 access to a French doctor’s expertise and can rapidly obtain a prescription where required”, stated Patrick Alexandre, EVP Air France-KLM, Commercial, Sales & Alliances.

 “It is important for us to develop our different services in line with technological innovations and new consumer trends. In this sense, teleconsultation is an integral part of our innovations strategy and constitutes a groundbreaking solution in terms of e-healthcare. This service matches the values of Air France, which pays special attention to offering its customers a smooth travel experience”, said Noël Ghanimé, CEO of Allianz Partners France.

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