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American Airlines Introduces Dual-Reward System with AAdvantage Business™ Program


In order to enhance the business travel experience, American Airlines has rolled out its AAdvantage Business™ loyalty program. This innovative initiative stands out as the first dual-reward system, designed to benefit both businesses and their frequent flyers.

The essence of the AAdvantage Business™ program lies in its dual-reward structure. When companies book their trips via or the American Airlines app, they are not only rewarded with AAdvantage miles but also additional Loyalty Points. This unique approach ensures that both the organization and the individual traveler reap the benefits of their loyalty.

Scott Laurence, the Senior Vice President of Partnerships at American Airlines, highlighted the program’s distinctiveness, saying, “American has crafted a program unparalleled in the market.” He further emphasized the dual-benefit nature of the program, stating, “We’ve meticulously designed AAdvantage Business™ to deliver unmatched rewards and tools for all stakeholders.”

AAdvantage Business™: Benefits

Aimed at businesses with a workforce of at least five, the program doesn’t impose any minimum spending to start earning miles. For every dollar channeled into eligible business travel, companies are awarded 1 AAdvantage mile. These miles can be redeemed for a plethora of perks, from hotel accommodations and car rentals to exclusive access to Admirals Club lounges.

On the flip side, individual travelers earn 1 Loyalty Point for every dollar spent, augmenting their status as AAdvantage members. This is in addition to any other miles or Loyalty Points they accumulate as part of the AAdvantage membership.

AAdvantage Business Chart

Supercharging Rewards with the CitiBusiness®/AAdvantage® Platinum Select® Mastercard®

The AAdvantage Business™ program’s allure is further magnified for companies that opt for the CitiBusiness®/AAdvantage® Platinum Select® Mastercard®. Cardholders can expect to earn double the miles on all qualifying American Airlines expenses. Moreover, for every dollar transacted using their business card, they gain an extra Loyalty Point.

Pam Habner, CEO of U.S. Branded Cards and Lending at Citi, expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing the card’s role in amplifying the rewards of everyday business operations.

Streamlined Booking and Efficient Management

AAdvantage Business™ isn’t just about rewards. It promises a seamless booking journey, offering a consolidated portal for travel managers and travelers to monitor business trips. The program also boasts a suite of online tools, streamlining business travel management.

In summary, with the introduction of the AAdvantage Business™ program, American Airlines is set to redefine the paradigms of business travel, making every trip doubly rewarding.

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