American Airlines Says Goodbye to Award Ticket Fees


American Airlines is enhancing the AAdvantage® program for all members in 2021 with the elimination of most fees on award tickets and extending mileage validity.

“Flexibility in travel has never mattered more to our AAdvantage members,” said Rick Elieson, President of the AAdvantage program.

“Our goal is to make it as easy to travel as possible and give them a loyalty program that suits their needs in our ever-changing world.”

Starting on Nov. 11, AAdvantage members will no longer pay a service charge when booking an award ticket through reservations.

When travel plans change and members need to cancel an eligible award ticket, they will also no longer pay a reinstatement fee to put their miles back in to their AAdvantage account. If members cancel an award ticket on aa.com, miles can be instantly redeposited in most cases without having to pick up the phone.

These changes offer members even more flexibility to redeem and reuse their miles in a way most convenient for them, whether through aa.com, American’s mobile app or by calling reservations.

Keeping your miles

Recognizing that some members need more time to keep their AAdvantage accounts active during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, American has extended its pause on mileage expiration through June 30, 2021. The AAdvantage program provides members several ways to maintain account activity through flights, hotels, car rentals and everyday activities such as shopping and dining.

As a reminder, the miles belonging to our youngest AAdvantage members, under the age of 21, do not expire.

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