ANA and Peach Aviation Mile Program

ANA and Peach Aviation Introduce A New Mileage Redemption Program


ANA Mileage Club members can now have the additional options on the use of their earned miles, allowing for ANA Miles to be redeemed for Peach Points*1 for use on Peach Aviation flights from October 28, 2020, to March 31, 2021.

ANA and Peach are both group companies of ANA HOLDINGS (ANA HD), and the added convenience of the program builds additional flexibility and the creation of travel itineraries that work best for each passenger. Peach Points can be used to pay for a range of expenses, including Peach tickets as well as fees for checked baggage and seat reservation.

“ANA is excited about this opportunity to expand our relationship with Peach through a program that will offer passengers greater flexibility and choices,” said Mitsuo Tomita, Senior Vice President of ANA.

“This is the first step in a comprehensive plan to present our customers with more travel options and benefits. ANA and Peach will further strengthen their cooperation to promote measures to maximize the lifetime value of our customers.”

“Peach already works closely with ANA and other companies within the ANA Group,” said Kazuhiro Todoroki, Chief Business Strategy Officer of Peach.

“The decision to open up a mileage exchange program is a win for our customers, a win for Peach and a win for the entire ANA Group. Moving forward, our collaboration with ANA will only become stronger as we look at how to best serve our passengers as efficiently as possible.”

The decision to allow ANA Miles to be redeemed for Peach Points was initially announced in ANA HD’s recently released Business Structure Reform Plan. The program is just one of several initiatives designed to strengthen ANA HD and the future operations of its companies. In addition to the mileage redemption program, ANA and Peach will further strengthen their operational ties through the code-share of freighter flights.

The standard rate of exchange will be 500 ANA Miles for the coupon (e-Gift Card) worth for 450 Peach Points (the equivalent of 450 yen). However, between the period of October 28 to November 10(JST), 1 ANA Mile can be exchanged for 1 Peach Point, instead of 1 ANA mile for 0.9 Peach Point.

ANA Peach Points redemption chart

Moving forward, ANA HD will continue looking for ways to leverage its network and assets to better serve passengers and make the travel experience more comfortable and convenient.

*1: Peach Points are the points that can be used to pay for optional charges such as Peach tickets, checked baggage and reserve-seat fees.

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