ANA HOLDINGS Launches Mileage Club Member Campaign

ANA HOLDINGS INC. will launch a special mileage donation campaign for its ANA Mileage Club (AMC) members to exchange accrued mileage for yen to donate to help support healthcare workers fighting COVID-19.

The campaign is in partnership with Japan-based non-governmental organization, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ)*1 and proceeds will be used for the purchase of medical supplies and other necessities.

Campaign Overview

  • Overview: Applicants may exchange their mileage at the rate of 1 mile = 1 yen to donations
  • Campaign period: June 1, 2020 through June 30, 2020

If the donations may reach the target amount within this period, the application may be closed earlier. In this case, a notice will be made available on the ANA website about 3 days in advance.

  • Applicable customers: Members of the ANA Mileage Club (AMC)
  • Application method: Information will be available on ANA’s website

“It is important for all of us to come together and help those in need during this difficult time,” said Yutaka Ito, Senior Executive Vice President of ANA HD. “We hope the creation of this campaign will help healthcare workers receive the funds they need to continue the fight against COVID-19. We are immensely thankful for all that they are doing for us and hope that with Peace Winds Japan we can get them the help they need.”

The launch of this mileage exchange program is just one of the ways ANA Group has been involved in COVID-19 relief efforts. ANA Group aims to provide its passengers with convenient and safe opportunities to get involved in COVID-19 response efforts. As this pandemic continues, the addition of this new mileage exchange option is an innovative part of ANA HD’s aim to further support the healthcare workers who are fighting the virus firsthand.

*1: Peace Winds Japan supports people in distress who are threatened by conflict, poverty or other turmoil. A JPF member organization, PWJ has a disaster-relief agreement with ANA, and is currently conducting relief efforts including those in the medical field amid COVID-19.

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