snow at Bristol Airport

Arctic Blast Hits Britain, Flights Grounded

Some British airports reported long delays on Wednesday (March 8) as an Arctic blast intensifying across the UK is expected to bring more ice and snow to southern regions.

Flights from several airports have been hit by delays, including at Bristol Airport which has temporarily stopped operating due to “adverse weather conditions.”

“Passengers are advised to contact their airline for specific flight information prior to travelling to the airport and please take extra care,” the airport said, adding that the snow clearing operations are underway.

Some of the arrival flights were directed to Birmingham Airport after Bristol Airport stopped operating.

Gatwick Airport said some “minor delays” took place on Wednesday morning but “the airport is open and flights are operating.”

UK’s national weather service Met Office said the snowfall and rain could continue until the weekend and possibly longer with chances of “long delays and cancellations” on bus, rail and air travel services on Thursday and Friday.

The National Rail also warned the public, saying the snow and ice is expected to affect train journeys in many parts of Britain until Friday.

Source: AA

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