787 Dreamliner

Boeing Discovered New Defect on 787 Dreamliner

Boeing said a new defect has been discovered on its 787 Dreamliner commercial aircraft line. The company noted it has notified the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and customers about the issue.

“We are inspecting 787s in our inventory for a nonconforming condition related to a fitting on the horizontal stabilizer,” the US-based airplane manufacturer said in a statement.

“Airplanes found to have a nonconforming condition will be reworked prior to ticket and delivery.”

Boeing said the defect is not an immediate safety issue and aircraft in service may continue to operate

Boeing’s stock price fell to as low as $200.61 around 2 p.m. EDT — a 3.9% loss after closing the previous day at $208.82. It was trading at $207.27 at 3.18 p.m.

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The FAA announced in August that Boeing could resume deliveries of 787 Dreamliners after necessary changes were made and all certification standards were met.

Deliveries were suspended for almost two years due to several flaws in manufacturing, which cost the company $5.5 billion, Boeing said in January 2022.

Boeing’s largest customers, such as United Airlines and American Airlines, failed to get new Dreamliners while airline travel began to rise last summer in the post-coronavirus pandemic period.

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