British Airways crashland safrica

British Airways plane crash lands without landing gear

A British Airways Comair plane made an emergency landing at OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg, South Africa, after a failure with the landing gear. The pilot informed those on board shortly before landing that the left landing gear had broken off. Flight BA6234 became stuck on the runway after touching down from its cross-country flight from Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, at about 12pm.

All 94 passengers and six crew were evacuated safely to the terminal building. There were no injuries, the airport said.

The plane was forced to land without landing gear as the left wing skimmed the runway, causing sparks to fly. Pilot said to have warned passengers of a problem just before landing.

British Airways oxygenmasksOne passenger posted a picture online of oxygen masks hanging down from the overhead lockers after it made an emergency landing. Warren Mann, who posted the pictures, wrote on Facebook: “My first emergency landing in my life, plane landing gear snapped, and engine on fire. “I survived.”

Source: Daily Mail

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