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Cathay Pacific did it again! Is it a Mistake or Tactic?

For the second time, some lucky passengers booked flight tickets at record low prices. The first incident happened in the first days of the New Year where some passengers bought luxury first class tickets that usually cost $16,000 for just $675.

It’s the second time the airline has made the ticket pricing error in a month. Screenshots obtained by the South China Morning Post show a one-way business class flight from Lisbon to London on a partner airline, followed by a Cathay Pacific flight from London to Hong Kong, listed for sale at just $1,512, instead of $16,000 usually charged for a similar journey.

As it was in the first incident, the carrier said it would honor the tickets again as it investigates the cause of the error. Hong Kong carrier said, “We are looking into the root cause of this incident both internally and externally with our vendors”. “For the very small number of customers who have purchased these tickets, we look forward to welcoming you on board to enjoy our premium services.”

As the pricing mistake happens two times in January by the Hong Kong-based carrier, many may question that is this really a pricing mistake or a sales and marketing tactic. Hence, it is possible that following the mistakes, many travelers will visit the carrier’s website to search and book flights.

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