Chinese man faces world’s longest layover at an Airport, #Lifeinhel

Helsinki Airport wants to prove that they are the best airport in the world and the fastest connection between Asia and Europe. In order to prove this, a Chinese influencer Ryan Zhu is going to live in the airport for 30 days.

LIFEINHEL, starting October 10th, is a disruptive content marketing campaign by the Finnish airport operator Finavia.

“Helsinki Airport is the leading and best-connected long-haul airport in the whole of Northern Europe. We are also the forerunner in serving Chinese customers”, says Katja Siberg, Finavia’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications.

Helsinki Airport has a comprehensive track record in continuous development of customer experience. For example, last July 200 volunteer test passengers audited the new South Pier before it was opened for business. “The entire airport personnel is waiting for Ryan Zhu’s arrival. We want to give him an unforgettable experience! The campaign’s feedback will be extremely valuable in making our services even better. We want our influencer to really feel at home at Helsinki Airport.”, Siberg continues.

Finland as a destination has gained a lot of international fame in the recent years. For example, being third this year in the “Best of the World”-list by National Geographic, as well as Lonely Planet’s “Best in Travel 2017”.

Busan city view from sea with skyscrapers, best destination for play, work, live

LIFEINHEL is a mix of reality TV, game shows and Social Media. Ryan Zhu, a multitalented Chinese actor and TV-personality will be living in a little cabin inside Helsinki Airport for 30 days. He will go through daily challenges and get familiar with the Finnish way of life. Ryan&39;s adventure will be broadcasted on Social Media on a daily basis.

Gary Carter, co-inventor of the global hit reality TV show Survivor, advised on the development of the concept with TBWA for Finavia as a Creative Consultant.

LIFEINHEL is created by TBWA\Helsinki in Finland and produced together with TBWA\Helsinki and KLOK Creative Agency as well as Edelman Public Relations Worldwide’s China office, Red Bridge Communications and TBWA\Shanghai.

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Source: Travellink

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