Finnair's New Business Class Cabin

Finnair’s New Cabin Interiors Designed by tangerine


Finnair launches its new A350 and A330 cabin interiors designed in collaboration with design consultancy tangerine.

The new design successfully differentiates Finnair on its competitive routes between Europe and Asia by focusing on creating a uniquely Nordic travel experience.

At the heart of Finnair’s new customer experience is ‘Nordic Freedom’, a vision set by tangerine at the outset of the collaboration. It encompasses the warm and inviting spirit of Nordic culture, the peoples’ love of exhilarating, expansive natural spaces, and their affinity for pure aesthetic forms.

Passengers are welcomed onboard Finnair’s business class cabin with a rich, homely environment. Furniture-like seating, a feature bar, elegant interior wall lighting and carefully crafted textiles combine in a distinctly Nordic way.

The business class seat is developed on a new AirLounge platform from Collins Aerospace, which was heavily tailored for Finnair with soft shapes, fine details and bespoke materials to create a cosy, private suite for passengers to enjoy their time onboard as they wish.

Passengers travelling in Premium Economy enjoy the elegant Nordic experience with a Haeco seat customised to improve comfort, offer more space and provide added storage.

David Kondo from Finnair’s Customer Experience team, who led the design programme for Finnair said: “We wanted to rethink business class and create more of a residential environment, emulating the comfort you would expect at home. By doing away with complicated seat mechanisms and using 3D curved shells, we’re able to provide a larger flexible living space. This allows you to move more freely and take up different positions that traditional aircraft seats do not allow.”

Matt Round, Chief Creative Officer at tangerine said: “We’re really excited to see the vision we crafted with Finnair brought to life. The collaboration has been a unique opportunity to shape a truly Nordic travel experience. The outcome is testament to the close and productive relationship between Finnair, our team, and the various manufacturers involved.”

finnair 2022 cabin collage

The vision for the new travel experience created by tangerine and Finnair has come to fruition through new premium lounges in Helsinki airport and new cabin interiors onboard its A350 and A330 aircraft.

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