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Frontier Airlines Introduces Elite Status Offers and Exclusive Travel Pass


Frontier Airlines has unveiled a series of enticing offers that allow consumers to achieve FRONTIER Miles Elite status until the end of 2024.

Starting immediately, Frontier is granting eligible credit card holders the opportunity to obtain FRONTIER Miles Elite 20K status without the need for prior flight experience or holding status with another airline. Moreover, they can opt to combine this with the GoWild! All-You-Can-Fly Fall & Winter Pass. After verifying their eligible card on, members can purchase the Elite 20K status for $499 or bundle it with the GoWild! Pass for $649. This exclusive pass remains valid until February 29, 2024, while the Elite 20K status extends until the close of 2024.

This combination of the FRONTIER Miles Elite Status and the GoWild! Pass provides consumers with unlimited flights to Frontier’s extensive list of domestic and international destinations. Additionally, they can avail booking perks and utilize their Elite status for complimentary baggage and seat assignments. However, specific terms and conditions are associated with the GoWild! Pass.

Frontier has also initiated a status match with 15 airlines, 15 hotels, and, for the first time in the industry, 15 cruise lines. Those holding eligible status with any of these entities can apply for a corresponding status on, upon payment of an application fee. Frontier offers Elite 20K, Elite 50K, and Elite 100K status levels for qualifying customers.

Tyri Squyres, Vice President of Marketing at Frontier Airlines, emphasized the value of these offers, stating, “The blend of elite status benefits with the GoWild! Pass is perfect for frequent travelers. Whether facing a flight cancellation or an early meeting wrap-up, travelers can easily opt for a last-minute flight with the GoWild! Pass.”

Mark Ross-Smith, CEO of Loyalty Status Co., Frontier’s travel technology partner, expressed pride in their continued innovation with Frontier, aiming to enhance the travel experience for millions of consumers.

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