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How to Stay Entertained on Long Haul Flights?

With airlines continuously looking for ways to cut costs, flights are getting longer and longer with 18 1/2 hours now becoming a little too normal for comfort. In-flight movies can only do so much to distract your mind after all. But, with the advancement of today’s technology, you can not only cut the boredom, but actually turn it to your advantage.

The newest urban legend about someone actually making some decent coin playing online slot machines in the air just may have some truth to it. You can learn more about Canadian slot machines at But for most of us, the prospect of making money takes a backseat to just surviving the boredom, and we have the perfect ideas to have you on the ground before you know it.

Prioritise your Hand Luggage

Depending on the airline, that 25 pounds of luggage that you get to take on board with you could either be extra undies or pure gold. This is your ticket to starving off the perpetual downward spiral that is the long haul flight. Pack this bag as if you’re heading to a deserted island of entertainment. Think mobile games consoles, books, mp3 players. Anything that provides 3 hours of entertainment will add up fast as the plane settles in to hours 7-8.

Technology is Your New Best Friend

As technology increases, the airlines are making use of what is available onboard. Wifi is becoming standard on all new aircraft so your tablet is now your key to the outside world. USB chargers built into your seats will also spare you from rationing that lithium battery. Remember, the crew want you nicely sedated to make their job easier so the airlines will oblige.

Sleeping Aids

Not everyone is keen on this, but some swear by over-the-counter sleeping medication to quickly knock off a healthy chunk of hours. Any sleep you can get on a plane is vital, also to ensure you’re not wrecked on landing and waste some of your holiday catching up on sleep. Try some natural remedies if you don’t like to encourage big pharma, with lavender oil, chamomile tea and St John’s Wort extract all contributing to your bodies natural sleep rhythm.

Cash in those Air Miles

Nothing will have you forgetting you are bored than wanting to stay on a plane for as long as possible. Upgrading your ticket for even just one leg of your flight will have you on such a high that you won’t want it to end. Showers, amazing food and real sized TV’s are just a few of the perks that Business Class come with. Another glass of champagne, sir? Why not!

Try Being Social

Striking up a random conversation with someone whom is as bored as you could easily turn into a 5 hour discussion about the pro’s and con’s of kitty clothing, if you let it. Single passengers are much more inclined to allow social interaction with their fellow passengers once all their movies have been watched, so later into the flight is better. And hey, you just might make a new friend.

Night Cap’s; Good or Bad?

Alcohol is a depressant at the end of the day and a nice swig of scotch after your meal could just be what the boredom doctor ordered, but it could come back to bite you. With the effects of alcohol being a lot more focussed under the pressure of the atmosphere, the dehydration it causes could be the main reason you awake after just a couple of hours of shut eye. Not to mention the increased need to exercise your way to the toilets. Sticking to moderation will help and you just may wake up on the runway!

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