Mosul International Airport

Iraq’s Mosul Airport Set to Resume Flights After Defeat of Daesh/ISIS

In a significant milestone for Iraq’s aviation sector, Mosul International Airport (OSM) is preparing to resume flights in the coming year, marking the revival of a vital transportation hub following the defeat of the notorious terrorist organization, Daesh/ISIS.

The airport, located in the Nineveh province of Iraq, fell under the control of Daesh/ISIS militants in June 2014 and was utilized as a strategic military base throughout their reign of terror.

However, in 2017, Iraqi forces managed to liberate Mosul and the airport from Daesh/ISIS, marking a significant victory against extremism. Subsequently, plans for the reconstruction and revival of the airport were set in motion. Two prominent Turkish companies, TAV Insaat and 77 Insaat, were entrusted with the task of rebuilding the Mosul airport from its ruins.

According to Mehmet Sinan Turkan, the project manager at 77 Insaat, the company took charge of the initiative in September of this year. He highlighted that the initial focus was on clearing debris and ensuring the safety of the site. Turkan also revealed that the runway repair commenced in December and in March, three C-130 aircraft successfully landed at the Mosul airport, marking a symbolic moment of progress.

Although the reconstruction process is still underway, various sections of the airport, such as service facilities, control towers, and outer walls, are being constructed in tandem. Turkan expressed confidence that the restoration of Mosul Airport will be completed by the end of 2024, opening the doors for civilian flights once again.

Mehmet Kucuksakalli, the Turkish Consul General in Mosul, emphasized the significance of the reconstruction project for the local population. He revealed that around four million residents of the Nineveh province, including the provincial capital of Mosul, have been inconvenienced by the lack of a functioning airport. Many have had to travel to Erbil or Baghdad for domestic or international flights, creating increased travel time and expenses.

Kucuksakalli commended the Turkish companies, engineers, and workers involved in the reconstruction efforts, highlighting their dedication and relentless commitment. He expressed gratitude to the Iraqi authorities for their support and cooperation in facilitating the project, expressing his belief that the timeline set for completion will be adhered to.

With the imminent restoration of Mosul International Airport, there is hope that the first flight from the newly rebuilt airport will head to Turkey. The Turkish diplomat voiced his optimism for the reopening, acknowledging the potential benefits it will bring for both the local population and broader regional connectivity.

As Iraq continues to rebuild and recover from the devastating impact of extremist groups, the revival of Mosul International Airport represents a significant step toward reestablishing stability, enhancing travel opportunities, and facilitating the economy. The joint efforts of Iraqi and Turkish stakeholders demonstrate the power of collaboration in restoring vital infrastructure and fostering progress in the face of adversity. (AA)

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