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Istanbul Airport to Pioneer Triple Runway Operations in Europe

Istanbul Airport was announced as Europe’s busiest airport, with an average of 1,309 flights daily from January 29 to February 4, according to The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation’s (Eurocontrol) Aviation Report.

This achievement underscores the airport’s pivotal role in global aviation.

In a bid to further solidify Istanbul Airport’s position, efforts have been underway since 2022 to implement ‘Simultaneous Independent Triple Parallel Runway Operations‘.

This initiative will enable three aircraft to land and take off concurrently, a feat currently possible only in the USA.

Next month will see the commencement of training for this groundbreaking system, with trials expected within the year, marking a first in Europe.

The introduction of this system is anticipated to enhance the safety and efficiency of air traffic flow at Istanbul Airport.

The State Airports Authority General Directorate, in collaboration with Eurocontrol, has initiated a safety analysis study for this purpose, with completion expected this year, positioning Turkiye (Turkey) among the few countries worldwide to adopt such advanced operations.

Moreover, there is a push to diversify the carriers operating at Istanbul Airport, currently dominated by Turkish Airlines with an 80% influence.

The goal is to attract more international airlines without undermining Turkish Airlines’ esteemed status, thus broadening the range of options for travelers.

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