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KAYAK Reveals Best Times to Book 2024 Summer Holidays for Savings


As January sets in and Brits begin to plan their next getaway, KAYAK, the leading travel search engine, has released valuable insights on the best times to book 2024 summer holidays.

Analyzing search data, KAYAK provides a guide to securing great prices for popular destinations.

Currently, flight prices for the upcoming summer are relatively stable, showing an average increase of only about 2% compared to last year. However, these rates are subject to change. KAYAK’s analysis of 2023 flight search data offers a glimpse into when travelers can find the most advantageous deals for this summer’s hotspots.

Based on last year’s trends, European summer flights booked approximately two months before departure yielded some of the best deals.

Annie Wilson, KAYAK’s Chief Commercial Officer, advises those eyeing a Greek vacation to consider booking around two months prior to departure. This strategy could lead to an average saving of 16%, compared to booking nine months in advance.

For those dreaming of a Thai summer, booking eight months ahead could offer savings of around 25%, as indicated by last year’s flight searches. Meanwhile, a trip to the United States might be best booked four months in advance, potentially leading to an average saving of 12%.

In preparation for their 2024 holidays, 60% of people plan to cut back on non-essential expenses, KAYAK’s research shows. Common saving strategies include reducing takeaway meals (68%), dining out (53%), and avoiding new clothing or shoe purchases (46%).

When to book flights for summer holidays, based on 2023 searches

For economy flights from UK airports

Most searched
countries for summer
Booking window
(months in advance of
Average price of
return economy
Average savings found
1.  Spain 2 months £179 -22% (vs. booking 9 months before departure)
2.  United States 4 months £620 -12% (vs. booking the month of travel)
3.  Italy 2 months £153 -24% (vs. booking 4 months before departure)
4.  Turkey 2 months £273 -18% (vs. booking 7 months before departure)
5.  France 2 months £141 -19% (vs. booking the month of travel)
6.  Thailand 8 months £744 -25% (vs. booking the month of travel)
7.  Portugal 2 months £166 -20% (vs. booking 6 months before departure)
8.  Greece 2 months £266 -16% (vs. booking 9 months before departure)

To assist travelers in planning and saving for their holidays, KAYAK has introduced the Vacay Valuator tool. This interactive service helps users estimate savings from reduced non-essential spending and identifies flight options within their budget. Users simply input the items they’re willing to cut back on, from takeaways to TV subscriptions, and the duration of these cutbacks. The Vacay Valuator then calculates potential savings and suggests flight routes that match the estimated budget.

Faro, Portugal, tops the list of searched European destinations for next summer, with average flight prices at £226. According to KAYAK, forgoing two months of dining out could save enough for return flights to Faro. The best time to book flights to Portugal, as per KAYAK’s data, seems to be two months before travel.

Wilson adds that January is a peak month for travel searches. The Vacay Valuator tool not only aids in holiday savings but also aligns with budget-friendly destinations. With 23% of people aiming to eat healthier this year, swapping takeaways for holiday savings could be a dual-benefit approach, supporting both New Year’s resolutions and travel goals.

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