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Long Flight Ahead? Here Are Some Ways to Avoid Boredom

Traveling can always be fun and exciting. It’s always the thrill of visiting new places that really makes it an overall great experience, but of course, you don’t just get to your destination right away. Sometimes, it takes long a long drive and even a plane ride to your destination.

A long plane flight sounds so easy to deal with because all you really have to do is to sit and wait until you reach your destination. This is surely easy if you only have to go through a 2 or 3-hour flight. However, if your destination is thousands of miles away, then you may have to survive up to 15 to 20 or more hours on a plane.

Spending that long time on a plane can easily get boring and even tiring. However, if you come prepared, such a long flight can be turned into a fun and relaxing journey to your next destination. Here are some tips that can help you survive a long flight ahead.

  • Wear comfortable clothes

If it’s your first time to travel and take a vacation outside the country, you might get too excited about choosing your outfits. What you should know is that there really is no need for you to look Instagram-worthy while you’re on the plane.

Save your fashionable outfits for the places you’ll visit in your next destination. As much as possible, wear comfortable clothing during the plane ride. It can be really cold, but there are times that the AC is not just giving enough. What you can do is to bring a cardigan, jacket, or sweater that you can easily put on and off in case it’s necessary.

Avoid wearing bulky outfits that can trouble your seatmate and take a lot of space. If you feel like a coat or a jacket won’t be enough for you, then you can still bring a blanket with you. However, most of the time, airlines have that ready for you.

  • Bring a book with you

Whether it’s an actual or physical book or an eBook, bring it with you. This would work well with bookworms or people who would like to give reading a try. Whatever floats your boat is the rule here. Bring something that you find interesting and would take your boredom away.

You can bring at least one or two books with you. It’s not ideal to bring more with you as that could easily take some valuable space. When you’re way into what you’re reading, you can easily get through the first 3 to 6 hours. This depends, of course, on how fast you can read.

  • Play games

Thanks to today’s mobile technology, you can now enjoy as many games as you could with your smartphone or tablet. Before your flight, you can already download games that interest you. There are surely many out there that could easily take a few hours of your time.

Some airlines already offer WiFi access to their customers, so check on this too. You can even play real money games if that’s the case. Free slots to play are offered by many online casinos nowadays. If you’re up for more thrill, then you can always play other real money games like blackjack and poker with other live players too.

  • Movies or Series, your pick!

If you’re not one to read a book for long hours or just really want to veer away from interactive activities like playing games on your mobile device, then just watch a few movies or binge-watch the series you’ve had on your list for a long time now.

If the plane doesn’t have a WiFi that you can connect to, then you’ll have to download these, for sure. If you don’t have time to download shows or movies anymore, then you’ll be stuck with the selection that the airlines have.

  • Sleep

You probably have a lot of plans when you get to your destination and the best thing to do while on the plane is to sleep. You can be strategic about this if you’re someone who’s having a hard time snoozing on a moving vehicle or on the plane.

You can book a flight that runs during the time of your usual sleep. Some people say that it’s not a good idea to not sleep at all before your flight because you may still end up not falling asleep while on the plane. That will just make you more tired, but assess yourself.

If you think that not sleeping before your flight will help, give it a try. Bring stuff that would help you fall asleep like earplugs or a neck pillow.

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