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Orlando Int’l Airport Expects Steady Growth in Domestic Traffic

The passenger traffic at Orlando International Airport (MCO) for February and March 2021 reveals the impact of the introduction of vaccines to fight the COVID-19 on travel.

One year ago the global pandemic was just taking hold on passenger traffic at Orlando International Airport (MCO). A year later, there is no better way to show the before and after COVID-19 impact than to look at passenger traffic comparisons for February and March.

February of 2020 was MCO’s last month of positive traffic totals before the downturn. Overall traffic this February was down 54 percent compared to last year. Traffic this March is up by nearly 25 percent compared to March 2020, which was the first full month of the pandemic.

“We are finally able to accurately compare data now that we have a full year of numbers under our belt from the pandemic,” says Tom Draper, Chief of Operations for the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

“While our international numbers will continue to lag behind because of global vaccination rates and regulations, our domestic traffic should continue to show steady growth over where we were a year ago.”

February 2021 Statistical Data:

  • Traffic Summary Report
  • Domestic traffic was down 48.71 percent with a total of 1,950,506 passengers for the month.
  • International traffic was off 92.79 percent when only 38,249 international arrivals and departures were recorded.
  • Overall traffic fell 54.1 percent with 1,988,755 total passengers at MCO.

March 2021 Statistical Data:

  • Traffic Summary Report
  • Domestic traffic climbed 38.64 percent as the introduction of vaccines took hold and more people acted upon pent up travel demands.
  • International traffic was off 76.67 percent with most international routes still out of service due to COVID-19 as 70,662 international passengers moved through MCO.
  • Overall traffic for the month was up 24.72 percent over 2020 levels with 3,128,252 total passengers.

The information herein is provided as of the dates specified. Due to the outbreak and continuation of COVID-19 subsequent to the date of such information, the information contained herein may differ materially from the current operational and financial data.

The latest Airports Council International statistics show Orlando International as the busiest airport in Florida, the 8th busiest in the nation and 26th busiest in the world. Amplifying the optimism of a post COVID-19 rebound, the airlines have increased seat capacity at MCO. Domestic seat capacity is expected to exceed 2019 levels for the first time on May 7 and total seat capacity will exceed 2019 levels for the first time on June 12.

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