Qatar Airways reaches 1 million followers on Instagram

Qatar Airways reaches 1 million followers on Instagram, second most followed airline in Arab world following Emirates which has 1.2 million followers.

Having only launched its Instagram account in May 2013, Qatar Airways attracts new followers at an average rate of 30,000 people per month thanks to its engaging and diverse eye-catching imagery.

Often showcasing the hugely popular destinations on Qatar Airways’ extensive network, the captivating Instagram account allows followers to travel the world from their own homes, inspiring them to explore new environments and experience new cultures. Among the most popular posts have been Sydney, with a stunning air-to-air image of the airline’s first flight over the Opera House; LA with Mariah Carey performing at an intimate dinner and a spectacular landing near the beach in Phuket.

Especially popular in the GCC, Instagram has become a valuable tool for any international brand looking to engage with consumers in this region.

Ms. Salam Al Shawa, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications at Qatar Airways said: “Achieving this milestone of one million followers, plus the continuous growth across all of our social media platforms, aligns with Qatar Airways’ vision to be number one in the aviation industry. Our social media platforms allow us to communicate directly with people all over the world and is the truest embodiment of our brand campaign – Going places together. Our strategy for sharing the story and spirit of Qatar Airways with our followers through inspirational and engaging content has seen our relationship with our global community continue to grow and flourish.”

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