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Qatar Airways Unveils New Routes in Saudi Arabia: Al Ula, Yanbu, and Tabuk


Qatar Airways is set to broaden its horizons in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The airline recently announced the inauguration of two new gateways: Al Ula and Tabuk, along with the relaunch of Yanbu. This expansion signifies Qatar Airways’ unwavering dedication to bridging global travelers.

Starting from 29 October 2023, the airline will kick off its services to AlUla. This will be followed by the launch in Yanbu on 06 December 2023 and Tabuk on 14 December 2023. These additions promise travelers a deeper dive into Saudi Arabia’s rich cultural tapestry and natural splendors.

His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The introduction of AlUla, Yanbu, and Tabuk to our network in Saudi Arabia is a moment of pride. These cities, brimming with cultural, historical, and natural treasures, will now be accessible to global travelers.”

Al Ula, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, renowned for its mesmerizing landscapes and historical gems, will receive two weekly flights. Meanwhile, the bustling port city of Yanbu, famed for its pristine beaches and marine biodiversity, will be connected with three weekly flights. Tabuk, a city surrounded by majestic mountains and valleys, will also enjoy three weekly flights, offering travelers a chance to immerse in its natural allure and cultural richness.

With these new additions, Qatar Airways now boasts connections to nine Saudi cities, totaling over 125 flights every week. This extensive network ensures that travelers can experience the multifaceted beauty and culture of Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, passengers from these new gateways can effortlessly connect to over 160 global destinations, spanning regions like China, Europe, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and the U.S. Qatar Airways remains at the forefront, linking travelers to popular global spots.

The introduction of these routes is anticipated to boost both business and leisure travel, fortifying the economic and cultural bond between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Qatar Airways remains committed to offering its passengers unparalleled service and comfort.

For those eager to explore these new destinations, flight tickets to AlUla, Yanbu, and Tabuk are now up for grabs on the Qatar Airways website, mobile app, and through travel agencies.

Flight schedule to Al Ula:

Saturday (local time)

Doha (DOH) to AlUla (ULH) flight number QR1202 departure 08:05 arrival 10:45

AlUla (ULH) to Doha (DOH) flight number QR1203 departure 11:45 arrival 13:55

Thursday (local time)

Doha (DOH) to AlUla (ULH) Flight QR1202 Departure 07:30 Arrival 10:10

AlUla (ULH) to Doha (DOH) flight number QR1203 departure 12:15 arrival 14:25

Flight schedule to Yanbu:

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (local time)

Doha (DOH) to Yanbu (YNB) flight number QR1216 departure 07:25 arrival 10:15

Yanbu (YNB) to Doha (DOH) flight number QR1217 departure 11:20 arrival 13:40

Flight schedule to Tabuk:

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday (local time)

Doha (DOH) to Tabuk (TUU) flight number QR1220 departure 06:20 arrival 09:20

Tabuk (TUU) to Doha (DOH) flight number QR1221 departure 10:20 arrival 12:40


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