SalamAir to Fly 3 New Destinations in June and July 2023

SalamAir, Oman’s fastest-growing value-for-money airline, launches flights to three new destinations in June and July. These destinations are in Kazakhstan, Malaysia, and Turkiye.

SalamAir will fly to Almaty, Kazakhstan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and the Turkish city of Rize.

Captain Mohamed Ahmed, CEO of SalamAir, states, “We are thrilled to introduce these new destinations to our growing network. Almaty, one of Kazakhstan’s prominent cities, offers great tourism potential. We aim to establish year-round connections to cater to the demand and not limit it to seasonal periods.”

In addition to these developments, SalamAir is currently an economic study of 20 new tourist destinations in Europe and Eastern Europe. The objective is to attract tourists to the Sultanate of Oman and invigorate the tourism industry. This initiative aims to enhance the movement of tourists through Muscat and Salalah international airports.


Almaty is the largest city of Kazakhstan and served as the capital city until 1997. The city still has a huge influence on the country’s cultural and economic affairs. Almaty is located in the southeastern part of Kazakhstan and 40 kilometers north of Kyrgyzstan. Almaty means “the city of apples” and because of its relatively mild climate, the city has a wide range of apple trees. See and book a hotel room in Almaty.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s capital and its largest city. Kuala Lumpur, a rapidly expanding city since the 1990s, has transformed into a modern metropolis in Southeast Asia that harmoniously blends the charms of the past and the innovations of the present. With its welcoming inhabitants and a high proportion of English speakers, it exudes a vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Book a hotel in Kuala Lumpur


Rize is one of the most popular touristic destinations in the Black Sea region of Türkiye. The city is mostly famous for its highlands and nature tourism that enables nature lovers from all over the world to visit the city for a unique experience. Book a hotel room in Rize.

Regarding seasonal destinations during the upcoming summer, Captain Mohamed Ahmed mentioned that the following routes would be reopened: Muscat-Sarajevo, Muscat-Baku, Muscat-Bursa, Suhar-Trabzon, and Muscat-Beirut. He highlighted that the Muscat-Trabzon route had become a year-round direct connection due to its popularity.

SalamAir currently operates flights to 38 domestic and international destinations, including Suhar, Salalah, Duqm, Masirah, the GCC countries, and several Arab, Asian, and European destinations.

The airline is also excited to announce the addition of new aircraft to its fleet. Within the next two months, SalamAir will receive three new Airbus A321neo; by the end of the year, three more aircraft will join the fleet, bringing the total number of SalamAir’s aircraft to 17.

SalamAir places significant emphasis on Omanization and is dedicated to providing employment opportunities. The company’s Omanization percentage currently stands at 65%.

Captain Mohamed Ahmed expressed his gratitude for the success achieved by SalamAir, stating, “Since our establishment, SalamAir has transported over 7.5 million passengers, a remarkable achievement for an airline that has completed only six years of operation. This success has had a positive impact on the tourism industry in the Sultanate of Oman.”

Furthermore, SalamAir’s commitment to contributing to the Omani economy is evident. The airline’s reinvestment of its revenues in Oman generated an indirect economic impact of approximately 840 million Omani Rials in 2022. SalamAir looks forward to further investments supporting the realization of Oman’s Vision 2040.

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