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The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe now available on board Qatar Airways

The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe is available exclusively on board Qatar Airways. Marvel movie fans can now sit back and take their pick from the complete collection of Marvel movies. The collection includes all 11 Marvel movies from Iron Man 1, 2 and 3 to The Incredible Hulk, Captain America 1 and 2, Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy. Passengers will also be able to enjoy both Marvel’s The Avengers and the latest addition to the Marvel collection, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The Marvel franchise is poised to become the most successful film series in history – it is set to overtake the Harry Potter franchise by the end of this year – and Qatar Airways is proud to be the only airline showing the whole collection on its new Oryx One entertainment platform.

The new platform, which is being rolled out across the fleet over the coming months, has the potential to give passengers up to 2,000 entertainment channels including 60 brand new blockbuster movies every month as well as more music and more games than ever before.

Other new movies making their debut on Oryx One this month include Hollywood blockbuster Insurgent starring Jennifer Lawrence (part one of the Divergent Trilogy is already on board), popular children’s movie Home, and Liam Neeson’s new action movie Run All Night.

Oryx One’s Arabic channel features a compilation of four short movies from Qatar: 10%, T Boy, Bidoon and Your Name, as well as the award-winning Arabic movie: Theeb.

New Indian releases on board include the highest-grossing Bollywood film of 2015 Tanu Weds Manu Returns, a sequel to the hit film Tanu Weds Manu.

Passengers flying on Qatar Airways flights served by its B787, A350, A380, A319 and select A330 aircraft can also stay in touch with their friends and family around the world by using the five-star airline’s on-board Wifi and GSM service. A simple-to-use portal makes it easy for passengers to log on and connect, and then browse the Internet or post on their social media channels directly from the comfort of their seats, reaffirming Qatar Airways’ commitment to providing a superior on-board service.

Qatar Airways provides its passengers with access to a wide range of up to 2,000 entertainment options on board, including movies, TV, games and audio on Oryx One each month. From the latest Hollywood premieres to the best of Bollywood, Arabic blockbusters, children’s films, cinema classics, and much more, Oryx One offers passengers hours of enjoyment in the sky.

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