Taipei in town check in luggage drop

Travelers in Taipei can check-in in-town and use E-gate Services


When Taoyuan International Airport launched the In-Town Check-In service in February 2017, Taipei became the 4th city in Asia and the 5th city in the world where In-Town Check-In is available.

Independent travelers and business travelers are welcome to complete the In-town Check-In and Luggage Check-In process at Taoyuan MRT Airport Line Station A1, Taipei Main Station, after checking out from their hotel and at least 3 hours prior to departure. Travelers will be able to stroll around the city and enjoy local food before taking the Taoyuan MRT Airport Line, and avoid waiting in line at the airport.

The In-Town Check-In service offers 3 ways to check-in. Travelers can complete the check-in procedure on the airline’s website through the Internet or mobile phone, download the QR code of the boarding pass, and then complete luggage check-in at the baggage self-check-in machine at MRT Airport Line Station A1. Also, travelers can directly complete the check-in and luggage check-in procedure through the self-service check-in machine and the self-service baggage check-in machine at Station A1 (China Airlines, Mandarin Airlines, Eva Air and UNI Air only).

In addition, Taiwan and South Korea have signed a reciprocal agreement for E-Gate service; South Korean travelers can now register at the National Immigration Agency counter at the airport for the time-saving E-Gate Enrollment System when arriving in Taiwan, saving exit and entry time.

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