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Travelers to choose ANA’s new in-flight meals

All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s largest and 5-star airline for six consecutive years, announced a twist to its annual poll to choose new in-flight meals for Premium Economy and Economy Class on international routes.

For its sixth annual meal general election, ANA will incorporate its partnership with Tastes of JAPAN by ANA –Explore the Regions– into the process. Voters will choose among nine different curry meal options, all of which will be made using popular local ingredients from the Chugoku/Shikoku region, the next featured region for Tastes of JAPAN by ANA from December 2018.

As part of the collaboration, the ANA chef team in charge of composing the dishes are members from THE CONNOISSEURS, a team consisting of internationally renowned chefs from around the world, that boast world-class standards among leading airlines. The chef team chose curry as the theme of this year’s meal because it is a dish loved by all generations in Japan.

“We take our passengers’ opinions into great consideration,” said Yutaka Ito, Executive Vice President of ANA. “Since 2013 we have been committed to producing the best in-flight meal options while keeping our customers engaged in the process. ANA wants to give travelers the chance to try new dishes they will actually enjoy while traveling.”

Voters will get the opportunity to pick their favorite among the nine different dishes below:

ana meals voting18

Voting options will be available on a special webpage created for customers to cast their vote for their favorite curry option. Travelers from around the world will be able to vote from October 19 to October 28. In November, the three winning meals will be announced through ANA’s official social media pages including Facebook and Twitter. ANA expects to add the top-ranked meals to flights beginning in March 2019. The meal with the most votes will be served in Premium Economy and Economy Class on various international flights departing from Japan.

ANA is proud to offer in-flight meals incorporating Tastes of JAPAN by ANA on all its flights and hopes to solidify its position as an ambassador of Japanese culture. This new meal will give travelers the opportunity to explore the Chugoku/Shikoku region’s local ingredients and further their understanding of Japanese culture.

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