US Infrastructure Grants for Airports

U.S. Department of Transportation Announces $840 Million in Infrastructure Grants

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will award $840 million in airport infrastructure grants, the first allotment of the total $3.18 billion in Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funding for airports across the United States.

The 432 grants will fund infrastructure projects at 381 airports around the country. Selected projects include runway reconstruction and rehabilitation, construction of firefighting facilities, and the maintenance of taxiways, aprons, and terminals. The construction and equipment supported by this funding increase the airports’ safety, emergency response capabilities, and capacity, and could support further economic growth and development within each airport’s region.

Airport infrastructure in the United States, with 3,332 airports and 5,000 paved runways, supports our economic competitiveness and improves quality of life. According to the FAA’s most recent economic analysis, U.S. civil aviation accounts for $1.6 trillion in total economic activity and supports nearly 11 million jobs. Under Secretary Chao’s leadership, the Department is delivering AIP investments for the American people, who depend on reliable infrastructure.

Airports can receive a certain amount of AIP entitlement funding each year based on activity levels and project needs. If their capital project needs exceed their available entitlement funds, the FAA can supplement their entitlements with discretionary funding.

Some of the grant awards include:

Ted Stevens Anchorage International in Anchorage, AK, $29.6 million: Reconstruct Runway – 15/33

Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport in Utqiagvik, AK, $17.1 million: Grant funds will be used to construct an aircraft rescue and firefighting building, a sand and chemical storage building, a snow removal equipment building, and an emergency operations center building

Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport in Birmingham, AL, $11.5 million: Construct an aircraft rescue and firefighting building, acquire two aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicles, and conduct an environmental study.

Sacramento International in Sacramento, CA, $27.4 million: Rehabilitate Runway – 16R/34L

Denver International, Denver, CO, $15.7 million: Rehabilitate Runway – 17R/35L, Rehabilitate Runway Lighting – 17R/35L

Daytona Beach International, Daytona Beach, FL, $2.5 million: Improve Terminal Building

Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International, Fort Lauderdale, FL, $44.7 million: Extend Runway – 10R/28L and Rehabilitate Runway – 10L/28R

Georgia State Block Grant Program, Atlanta, GA, $10.1 million: Non primary development projects in state block grant program

Des Moines International, Des Moines, IA, $10.3 million: Reconstruct Runway – 05/23 and Reconstruct Apron

Abraham Lincoln Capital, Springfield, IL, $4.6 million: Install Perimeter Fencing not Required by 49 CFR 1542, Rehabilitate Runway – 04/22

Wichita Dwight D Eisenhower National, Wichita, KS, $13 million: Reconstruct Runway Lighting – 01L/19R, Reconstruct Runway Lighting – 01R/19L, Rehabilitate Runway – 01L/19R, Rehabilitate Runway – 01R/19L

Blue Grass, Lexington, KY, $11.1 million: Construct Taxiway

Lafayette Regional/Paul Fournet Field, Lafayette, LA, $6.4 million: Reconstruct Apron

Lakefront, New Orleans, LA, $8.5 million: Rehabilitate Runway – 18R/36L

Fitchburg Municipal, Fitchburg, MA, $13.8 million: Extend Runway [Phase I] – 14/32, Extend Runway [Phase II] – 14/32, Reconstruct Runway [Phase II] – 14/32, Reconstruct Runway [Phase III] – 14/32, Rehabilitate Taxiway

Eppley Airfield, Omaha, NE, $11 million: Rehabilitate Taxiway

Reno/Tahoe International, Reno, NV, $14.6 million: Reconstruct Runway – 16L/34R, Reconstruct Taxiway, Rehabilitate Runway Lighting – 16L/34R

Portland International, Portland, OR, $11 million: Reconstruct Taxiway

Lehigh Valley International, Allentown, PA, $11.3 million: Rehabilitate Runway – 06/24, Rehabilitate Taxiway Lighting [Taxiway A], Rehabilitate Taxiway Lighting [Taxiway E]

McGhee Tyson, Alcoa, TN, $14.1 million: Reconstruct Runway – 05L/23R

Texas State Block Grant Program, Austin, TX, $45.5 million: Non primary development projects in state block grant program

Dallas-Fort Worth International, Dallas, TX, $15 million: Construct Taxiway [Letter of Intent]

William P Hobby, Houston, TX, $18 million: Reconstruct Taxiway

Salt Lake City International, Salt Lake City, UT, $14 million: Rehabilitate Taxiway, Rehabilitate Taxiway Lighting, Construct Apron

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