Heathrow ads for festive season

Watch Heathrow’s Warm Festive Reunions on YouTube

Heathrow Airport has unveiled an emotionally charged festive campaign, set to tug at the heartstrings of viewers on YouTube.

With the slogan “The best memories start here,” the series of three ads narrate touching stories of togetherness, capturing the warmth of reuniting with loved ones at one of the most bustling travel hubs during the holiday season.

Launched on YouTube on Monday, 6 November, the ads will also be broadcast on television and featured in cinemas, ensuring the campaign’s heartwarming messages resonate far and wide. Each film presents a unique story, shot live among the travelers at Heathrow Terminal 5, lending an air of authenticity and real-life emotion to the viewing experience.

The first ad, titled ‘Love,’ is a sentimental portrayal of a young couple at World Duty Free, with a surprise revelation that promises a future filled with love and cherished memories. The second, ‘Arrival,’ depicts the emotional high of a family’s festive revelation, celebrating the joys of new life against the backdrop of pre-flight preparations. The final piece, ‘Keepsake,’ follows a father and daughter as they reminisce over a family trip, honoring the memory of a loved one with a treasured keepsake.

Created by St Luke’s, a London-based advertising agency, the campaign not only emphasizes the connections made at Heathrow but also the airport’s role as the starting point for countless journeys and unforgettable moments.

Ross Baker, Heathrow’s Chief Commercial Officer, remarks on the inspiration behind the ads, stating that Heathrow’s colleagues have witnessed countless reunions, with the festive season bringing an extra layer of significance to these moments. The campaign captures these heart-warming scenes, reinforcing the idea that “the best memories start at Heathrow.”

As these ads roll out across YouTube and other platforms, viewers can expect to be moved by the narratives that showcase Heathrow’s spirit of holiday gatherings and the joy of travel.

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